Chua Churam Pink Bat Guitar

I guess it is just unplayable. That's why you never build a guitar after a manga or whatever this Chu x Chu Idol is !

KFC Guitar

The rumor has it that Buckethead said "Now that's a finger-lickin' good guitar!" when presented with the KFC guitar ! Anyway, that may be not the best body shape ever but chicken picking should work very well on this instrument !

When Lumberjack Chic Goes Too Far: The Confusing Plank Guitar

Is it a lumberjack modular synth guitar or another confusing plank guitar ? Anyway, we like the chic touch of the Batman and the pin-up girl stickers !

The Wollerman Monster Guitar

Read the full story of the Wollerman Monster Guitars, told by the builder Mark Wollerman - Source So a customer came to Wollerman's shop one day in search of something crazy and different. So he requested a unique design. Wollerman took a few days to come up with the...

Do You Need The Best Top Fret Access ?

The 1990s Alvarez Dana Scoop is a rare guitar with a unique feature - a "scoop" cut out of the body to allow for easier access to the upper frets. But ain't that a little bit too much ? Funny fact : Dana Sutcliffe, the creator of the Alvarez Dana Scoop guitar,...

Gibson SG Eden of Coronet… Really ?

“All along we’ve been striving to expand our business to different sectors of the consumer market and ‘Eden of CORONET®’ is definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve.” Consumer market ? Milestone ? Really ? REALLY ? The SG Eden of Coronet is a...

The Original Guitar Used on Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train ?

Japanese artist Akihiro Morohoshi built miniature train models for years. Then he started installing them on everyday objects including on guitars. Hence this Crazy Train Stratocaster that was obviously not used by Randy Rhoads on Ozzy's Crazy Train. Too bad though,...

Where’s That Damn Volume Knob ?

A map and a user's manual are required to use that bass ! The bass is clearly an Alembic bass. Alembic made some basses with a sick number of control knobs and switches. Yet, it is unclear it this bass is a real bass - a Pinterest user says it is a Mark King 5 Omega...

What If Honda Made Guitars ?

They would probably look like this ! The builder of this insane guitar had parts lying around in the garage that he put together : Telecaster-style hardware Red pearloid Stratocaster neck pickup Honda GX160 fan shroud, carb, coil and fuel tank Choke lever serves as...

It Looks Like a Guitar But I Don’t Know What it is…

Is it a guitar ? Is it a synth ? Is it some sort of ancient alien weapon that could destroy the Earth ? I don't think I want to know anyway !


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