Cardboard Stratocaster

Yep... A guitar made of cardboard ! Definitely not a fail but it sure is a whacky funny guitar thingy ! Fender's Custom Shop has partnered with Ernest Packaging to create a cardboard Stratocaster as part of the company's Cardboard Chaos series. The project was a...

Spooky : Guitar Infested by Maggots!

Looks like this guitar has been playing the "Crawling (in my skin)" riff a little too hard. In any case, it is ready to rock the maggot-core scene.

Crazy Pickguard

That pickguard is puzzling ! It manages to make ugly an otherwise nice Rickenbacker bass guitar. Particularly the twisted mustache under the control knobs. Shared by Misha on Guitar Fail Facebook page Enregistrer

Ibanez JERM Signature

Introducing the JERM, the guitar that will take the music world by storm! This unique instrument is the brainchild of luthier Tim, who set out to create a guitar that not only sounded great but also had a sense of humor. And boy, did he deliver! The JERM pays homage...

Shredding with Style: The Killer Drill Guitar from the 80s Slasher Classic

Who needs guitar solos when you can unleash a power drill solo instead? Imagine the faces in the crowd as you unleash the drilling fury upon unsuspecting ears!

The Flasher: The Most Disturbing Guitar You’ve Ever Seen?

When art and guitars collide, results may be disturbing. Meet the Flasher Guitar: a masterpiece of awkwardness and confusion!

Slutty Guitar

I wonder who would buy this, and then play it ? Probably one of the Top 3 creepiest guitars you will ever see here !

The Ultimate Warmoth Custom ?

The ZZ Zulu Warlord is a unique furry monster guitar that was found on Craigslist. The Zulu Warlord guitar is covered in deerskin hide and has steer horns, giving it this wild and ferocious, yet funny appearance. As an added touch, the volume and tone knobs are sheep...

See You Later Alligator…

Or maybe it's a crocodile ! In any case it is a weird looking Telecaster ! Enregistrer

Chewbacca Had Intercourse With a Guitar…

... And this is their love child !


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