Ibanez Djent Special Custom Guitar

Finally a guitar I could use easily ! One very low string, 5 frets, two active humbuckers... What else do you need to djent ? Source

Bizarre Dollar Guitar

There is not much information about this K One Dollar guitar. Kronodale is a French brand co-founded by two designers specialized in guitars with unique designs. One-of-a-kind it is !

Casio EG-5 Cassette Guitar

The Casio EG-5 electric guitar from the 80s is a plastic-bodied six-string with a built-in stereo cassette recorder, amp and speaker. It sure looks like the perfect way to show everyone that you're a guitar player in the '80s but stuck in the future. Or the other way...

Roach Lapsteel

Probably not the easiest bodyshape to play either as a standard guitar or a lapsteel guitar. Good craftmanship though ! The roach lap steel is built around the salvaged neck off a Yamaha acoustic guitar. The body, wings and legs are yellow pine. It has one humbucker...

Les Paul Justin Bieber Signature?

At least the portrait is more realistic than the Stratocaster Beyoncé Signature !

A Woman, a Skull, and a Foot Carved on a Guitar

I can see a nipplectomized woman, a skull, a foot shaped headstock... The lower part of the guitar looks like a blade... Again, there is not much information about this guitar but welcome to the magic of ebay anyway !

Spooky : Guitar Infested by Maggots!

Looks like this guitar has been playing the "Crawling (in my skin)" riff a little too hard. In any case, it is ready to rock the maggot-core scene.

The Zhitomir Guitar: A Soviet Masterpiece or a Deadly Weapon?

The Zh guitar is not for the faint of heart. It’s like the devil’s own instrument. And from what we’ve heard, it’s like Satan himself is playing a giant bucket.

Who Wants To Play the Panjo ?

If it doesn't sound great, you can still fry some eggs and bacon in this frying pan banjo.

Frankensteinish SG Jazzmaster Guitar

Weird Frankenstein guitar, right ? These Big G III guitars were made by Dillion Guitars. Obviously, they were discontinued at the request of Gibson Guitars !


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