Have you ever looked at your kitchen sink and thought, “You know what? That would make killer guitar parts.” No? Well, somebody did, and they weren’t afraid to plumb the depths of their creativity. The result is an acoustic guitar that decided it was high time to resonate with more than just wood and strings.

This guitar is cooking up some resonating riffs! Source

With dish drain strainers (so it seems to be) and a pan lid serving as a coverplate, this six-string wonder is the Swiss Army Knife of folk instruments. Does it even have a resonator cone inside? We couldn’t find the information!

Was it a DIY daydream or a stroke of sheer genius? Hard to say, but one thing’s for certain: this guitar took DIY a bit too literally, and now it has enough metal to set off every airport scanner within a ten-mile radius.

The real question is, does it come with its own plumber? I mean, if you’re jamming out and something goes wrong, who do you call? Ghostbusters seem like a stretch, but I guess a handyman might just become the new roadie for these gigs.

Now, let’s peel back the lid on this creative cauldron of melody and see what’s cooking:

  • The humbucker in the soundhole might not pick up the scent of freshly baked bread, but it sure captures the full-bodied aroma of bluesy tones.
  • Those strainers? Perfect for when your music gets a bit too cheesy and needs draining.
  • And that pan lid? It’s not just for simmering sauce anymore—it’s putting a lid on any traditionalist’s doubt that creativity has its limits.

One could even imagine the first time it hit the stage. The audience must have been waiting for an impromptu cooking show, only to be served a hot plate of musical mastery.

But in all seriousness (or as much as we can muster here), this guitar resonates with the spirit of innovation. And by innovation, I mean the kind that happens when you’ve had one too many, and the hardware store is the only thing open.

But hey, it’s not every day you find an instrument that can play the blues and double as a conversation piece—or a kitchen appliance.

Keep strumming, keep humming, and may all your guitar dreams be… well, less plumbing-related.

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