The Stereo Acoustic Guitar… Win or Fail ?

So... Win or fail ? Paul Kinny's Stereo Acoustic guitars feature two sound holes on its mammoth design. It's somewhat remiscent of a harp-guitar. The two holes are oddly positioned toward the musician, so the audience might get a little confused. But who cares?...

The Bugcaster

A Telecaster full of bugs ! Entomologists will like it... The rest of us will probably find it creepy ! It's kind of cool guitar but in a very creepy way ! At least these bugs won't attack you like that angry wasps that nested in this Stratocaster would !

This Guitar is a Workhorse

Am I the only to see a dick-shaped cantle ? Salt River Baritone guitar by Fish Guitar - Source

Worst Headstock Ever ?

This rather ugly headstock belongs to a Gibson 7 string steel semi-acoustic guitar. Only three of these guitars were hand-built in the 90s by luthier Roger Giffin when he worked for the Gibson Custom Shop. This guitar has such heavy-gauged strings on the bass side...

Sweet and Hot Peppers Guitar

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Josh Klinghoffer could use this guitar to spice up things a little... Or maybe not ! One thing for sure, the Sweet and Hot Peppers guitar has more varieties than a Chipotle menu. But can it plays as hot as it looks ? The Sweet and Hot Peppers by...

Spooky : Guitar Infested by Maggots!

Looks like this guitar has been playing the "Crawling (in my skin)" riff a little too hard. In any case, it is ready to rock the maggot-core scene.

Unicorn Guitar

One more string and we would call it the the uniKorn guitar ! The only thing missing is a touch of sparkles and rainbows for it to scream "serious metal guitar player" ! source This unicorn guitar is the creation of Screaming Leaming Unlimited that offers air brush...

Gelvin Road Kill Guitar

Now that's a quite disturbing design ! I like the eyeballs volume and tone control knobs but I would be afraid to use them... They look too squishy for my tastes. Well, the whole guitar looks kind of squishy anyway. Perfect axe for a horror metal band. As a matter of...

Guitar fail ? Photoshop fail ? Acne ?

What's with these weird 12th & 13th frets double dots on this Squier Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster reviewed by Guitar Player ? If you forget about the bad case of acne, it's still a nice guitar !

Who Knew That Picasso was a Luthier ?

I wouldn't want to be the one to tell it it's out of tune. The guitar looks like it is ready to eat all your fingers and sing you a scary tune at the same time. If Pablo Picasso was a guitar maker, I am pretty sure he would have build guitars like this spooky one......



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