Bosch Guitar

For heavy metal demolition only... The Bosch Guitar was made by Specimen Products in 2008. The guitar features a 24-1/2 inch scale lengthmaple neck with an ebony fretboard. The body of the guitar is made of basswood, and it is equipped with a DiMarzio Fred pickup in...

Shark guitar

Animals shaped guitars are often creepy... You may remember the dog guitar that looked like a luthier wanted to hang a dog or the very disturbing cat guitar ! Luckily, sometimes they are just funny to watch ! What's not funny about the awesome cow shaped stratocaster...

Apple Now Building Guitars

And now I'm hungry ! I just hope it doesn't turn brown and mushy when you play it for too long.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Guitar

Don't you think a Route 69 guitar would be more ergonomic and enjoyable ?

That Bigsby is Confusing !

Must be the work of a Hendrix / SRV fan working at the assembly line ! We are quite sure that it's not the best setting for a Bigsby ! Based on the Bigsby and the upside down G, this guitar is most probably a knock-off of the Gretsch G6120 Eddie Cochran signature with...

Flying Y Guitar !!

These guitars made from recycled carbon-fiber frames of bikes which is kinda cool but don't try to play beyond the 12th fret ! Don't even think about it ! Jacob Chapman, from Bend, Oregon, ingeniously turned carbon-fiber frame of a Trek Y bike into a guitar. He calls...

Where’s That Damn Volume Knob ?

A map and a user's manual are required to use that bass ! The bass is clearly an Alembic bass. Alembic made some basses with a sick number of control knobs and switches. Yet, it is unclear it this bass is a real bass - a Pinterest user says it is a Mark King 5 Omega...

The Weirdest Strat Ever ?

Apparently made by the firm Grassroots by ESP

Are You Fan Enough to Get a Tattoo of Your Favorite Guitar Gear Brand ?

Here is an ink fanatic / guitar nerd ! Of course he was going to get a tattoo of his favorite brand ! Which one would you get ? Source

Snake Guitar

Impressive skills but carved guitars always make me smile... This custom shop ESP Snake 2 from makes no exception.



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