Strumming Picasso’s Nightmare: The Avant-Garde Guit-Art!

Meet the avant-garde guit-artistry of the Abstracto-Masterpiece-O-Matic. It’s like Picasso met a luthier for a jam session… and this is their lovechild.

They Say Guitar Has a Feminine Body Shape…

Kozm guitars took it way too literally !! This guitar not only has a feminine body shape but it also has nipples, and a clit !! This guitar by Jeff Kosmoski aka Kozm Guitars is the SB-3. This is the first design he came up with using 3D CAD solid-modeling programs....

Unleash Your Inner Mermaid with the Seahorse Guitar ! (Or Not.)

A sea horse shaped guitar because sometimes you want to swim, not strum? Meet the $1200 sea creature that wants to be a guitar !

Ready to Explore the Explorer ?

I've seen simpler interfaces on a nuclear reactor. I'm pretty sure you could run a small city with all the controls on that guitar. Not sure what kind of music you can play with this guitar but it must require an engineers degree to operate it. How many knobs would...

Everything is Political

Question is : Does it make it easier to hammer-on ? Øystein Sundes' Kommunistcaster - Source

The Illegitimate Child of an Explorer and a Flying V

The Heritage X Terminator is a piece of guitar history. According to Heritage, there were only maybe a couple dozen made or less... Still, that V pickguard in that position is enough to qualify this guitar as a fail !! The Heritage X Terminator guitar is a rare and...

This is not Donald “Duck” Dunn’s Signature Bass Guitar

Quack, quack, quack! You ain't never seen a bass like this before. Someone probably tried to channel the spirit of the legendary Donald "Duck" Dunn himself through this duck shaped bass. Just in case Donald Duck Dunn name doesn't ring a bell, here is a reminder :...

Cardboard Stratocaster

Yep... A guitar made of cardboard ! Definitely not a fail but it sure is a whacky funny guitar thingy ! Fender's Custom Shop has partnered with Ernest Packaging to create a cardboard Stratocaster as part of the company's Cardboard Chaos series. The project was a...

Gibson SG Eden of Coronet… Really ?

“All along we’ve been striving to expand our business to different sectors of the consumer market and ‘Eden of CORONET®’ is definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve.” Consumer market ? Milestone ? Really ? REALLY ? The SG Eden of Coronet is a...

18-string Djent Monster !

First, the Fender 9 necks guitar. Now, the Ormsby Jared Dines 18-string djent monster. I guess it's fair to say that NAMM 2018 has turned into a NAMM freak show ! Source : Music Radar



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