Twisted Guitar

If someone has an explanation for this... Update : This twisted guitar was made by Mark Grimbly. The nickname of this guitar - that seems inspired by Hetfields ESP Snakebyte - is Salli as in SALvador DaLI. It makes sense !

Lazy Luthier !

That's the kind of guitars I would build if I were to be a luthier ! Why bother carving wood ? Luckily, this guitar does not exist. It is a an imaginary guitar found here.

Pizzar : First in a Series of Unexpected Designs…

... I certainly hope this is the last one of the series !! Believe it or not, this one-of-a-kind creationt aka the Pizzar electric guitar was designed by Bob Benedetto. Yes, the Benedetto from Benedetto Guitars. Quite a departure from their famous jazz archtop...

Shredding with Style: The Killer Drill Guitar from the 80s Slasher Classic

Who needs guitar solos when you can unleash a power drill solo instead? Imagine the faces in the crowd as you unleash the drilling fury upon unsuspecting ears!

Not Your Typical Acoustic Guitar

I love Gretsch guitars but this G5034TFT Rancher dreadnought with a Bigsby vibrato, and a Fideli'Tron™ pickup is a bit too much... Yet, I wish I could give it a try. Obviously !

Wood, Horns and Strings : Meet the Mighty Bull Guitar

Just be prepared for a workout if you plan on rocking out all night long. But hey, you’ll have arms like Schwarzenegger in no time.

Cupcakes on a Guitar… Yummy !

Wait, WHAT ? These are not cupcakes shaped knobs ? I don't know about you but whatever these are, I'm not sure I want to be licking my guitar knobs, even if they do look that delicious. Looks like a recipe for a sticky mess.

Joe Bonamassa BonaByrd

Les Paul bodyshape with Firebird headstock signed and played by Joe Bonamassa ? Haters gonna hate ! Gibson Custom has partnered with blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa to release a limited edition of 100 Bonabyrd guitars, which merge the body of a 1950s Les Paul with...

Now That’s a Pointy Guitar !

It looks like a rather devilish photoshop guitar but if it is real or was to be made, I' wish'd like to see it in action. Not front row, from a safe distance, and I'd enjoy watching the massacre.

The Les Paul Headstock-Body Switcheroo: A Confusing Creation

The classic Les Paul headstock-body swap guitar is a solid number one in the world of “what the hell were they thinking” guitar shapes,



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