A Woman, a Skull, and a Foot Carved on a Guitar

I can see a nipplectomized woman, a skull, a foot shaped headstock... The lower part of the guitar looks like a blade... Again, there is not much information about this guitar but welcome to the magic of ebay anyway !

Marie Osmond’s Bling Guitar

This guitar has over 2000 Swarovski crystals on the body & hematite On The "M" Logo! Way too bling... Find out a little bit more about the Marie Osmond bling guitar at Ed Roman's website (source)

Unicorn Guitar

One more string and we would call it the the uniKorn guitar ! The only thing missing is a touch of sparkles and rainbows for it to scream "serious metal guitar player" ! source This unicorn guitar is the creation of Screaming Leaming Unlimited that offers air brush...

Yet Another Weird Guitar Headstock

Am I counting right ? There are 5 strings ? If someone has information about this guitar, we're interested to hear it ! Update : This Gibson guitar is not a guitar ! Duh ! This is a 5-strings Mandolin. Most probably one of the two prototypes of the Rock 'n' Roll...

But Does it Fly ?

It would be fun to start a rumor saying that Lenny Kravitz used this guitar to record Fly Away ! Anyway, do you think that this Flying V could actually fly ? I bet that's what they wanted to test ! Source Enregistrer Enregistrer

Cadillac Billy Bo

Considering it's not even a Gretsch Billy Bo (Sometimes Guitar Fail fails at identifying some axes) and it's more likely to be a modified Duesenberg with a Billy-Bo-ish back ! Simple math : Gretsch Billy-Bo = NICE |Cadillac = NICE Cadillac + Billy-Bo = Meh !

All I Wanted Was a Volume Knob !

This confusing guitar is actually a 1976 Godwin Guitorgan vintage synth organ. The Godwin Guitorgan was developed by the Godwin Company in 1976. It was designed to emulate the sound of a traditional pipe organ, and featured a built-in guitar pickup that allowed...

The Ramen Stratocaster: When Your Love for Food Meets Your Love for Music

Let’s raise a fork…I mean, a pick…to the Ramen Stratocaster, the guitar that proves you can make music out of anything, even your favorite college snack.

The Weirdest Strat Ever ?

Apparently made by the firm Grassroots by ESP

Someone Should be Punished for the Flycaster Abomination

It is hard to believe but as a matter of fact someone committed a crime against both  the Telecaster, and the Flying V guitars ! Spotted by the guys at Guitar Blog.