How Weird it is ?

Too weird for me ! This guitar has some mushy squishy quality that definitely makes it look like it escaped from some David Cronenberg's nightmare. Source

Apple Now Building Guitars

And now I'm hungry ! I just hope it doesn't turn brown and mushy when you play it for too long.

Who Wants To Play the Panjo ?

If it doesn't sound great, you can still fry some eggs and bacon in this frying pan banjo.

Spooky : Guitar Infested by Maggots!

Looks like this guitar has been playing the "Crawling (in my skin)" riff a little too hard. In any case, it is ready to rock the maggot-core scene.

This is not Donald “Duck” Dunn’s Signature Bass Guitar

Quack, quack, quack! You ain't never seen a bass like this before. Someone probably tried to channel the spirit of the legendary Donald "Duck" Dunn himself through this duck shaped bass. Just in case Donald Duck Dunn name doesn't ring a bell, here is a reminder :...

Yet Another Weird Guitar Headstock

Am I counting right ? There are 5 strings ? If someone has information about this guitar, we're interested to hear it ! Update : This Gibson guitar is not a guitar ! Duh ! This is a 5-strings Mandolin. Most probably one of the two prototypes of the Rock 'n' Roll...

Dragon Guitar

Well, here is another proof that Dragons & Guitars don’t imx well, but still there is always someone to try ! I get it you want to practice your dragon scales to fire up your guitar playing ! I hate to break the news to you but dragon scales are too rough for your...

Pointy and Weird !

I don't know what I'm looking at ! It looks like they wanted to make marble body guitar but they couldn't quite finish the job ! The logo on the neck plate indicates that it is a guitar from the brand Marina. Marina guitars produced both acoustic and electric guitars...

I Don’t Want to Know Where is the Jack on This Guitar

In case your guitar solos needed a little touch of silk and lace, look no further... Electric Babes guitars might be for you. Find more of these lingerie guitars at Electric Babes.

Yet Another Toilet Seat Guitar

Have you ever wondered what's the motivation to build a toilet seat guitar ? Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob who had a passion for music and a love for all things toilet-related. One day, while sitting on the throne, inspiration struck him like a...

Kock Centaur Pedal

The Kock pedal: because you can't afford the real Klon Centaur, but you can still pretend you're playing through a piece of gear that's not a cheap clone. Who needs the real thing when you can have a clone, right ? It's not like Rule 34 applies to guitar pedals....

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Is it a Stratocaster from Outer Space ?

Is it some weird spaceship ? Is it a Stratocaster from outer space ? It looks like a Stratocaster went on a UFO ride and came back with some extra-terrestrial flair. The aliens must have been rockin' out to some Jimi Hendrix before they landed on Earth. No matter...

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What Doorbell ? What we Need is More Cowbell !

Honestly, the world needs more cowbell, and less doorbell. But hey, that's just me ! Too bad Boss themselves didn't came out with this DB-2 Doorbell thing. After all, they've made a Boss pedal mouse in the past. But as of now, it looks like Gear Ant and Acorn...

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Beauty in Imperfection ?

Who needs precision when you have a guitar that's close enough? Looks like the guitar maker ran out of supplies and just said 'Meh ! That's good enough!' The transparent pickguard that showcases the inner workings of the guitar is a good idea. At least, you can see...

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So Gibson Had a Partnership with Pepsi ?

And here is their baby ! We don't know what we are looking at but it is scary !



There are many superstrat guitars but there is only one hyperstrat ! The extra-humbucker in the middle position is not the oddest feature of this modified Stratocaster. Check the 6 mini-switches instead of the regular three-way selector. Looks like a brain teaser !


Never Drink Before Replacing the Guitar Strings

Otherwise, you won't see the sixth tuner ! It makes you wonder how he made this, and how can it be tuned ? We have no answer for none of these questions ! Submitted by guitar tech Jesse Austin on Guitar Fail Facebook page


SansTalent TB2 – Talent / Skill Booster

I definitely need one ! Introducing the SansTalent TB2 Talent/Skill Booster pedal! This pedal is perfect for guitar players who want to sound like they have talent and skill without putting in the work. The four knobs labeled "Skill Level," "Passion," "Experience,"...


Be Good to Your Wood… Use a Guitar Condom!

One thing for sure, you could use the guitar condom to approach that slutty guitar without any risk for your health ! On a slightly more "serious" note, why people are so obsessed with keeping their guitar as shiny, and brand new as possible ? Let them guitars be...


I’m Not Sure That Life is That Good When You Need a Truck to Carry Your Guitar

The guitar is often used as an advertising object to promote products and services. That's cool because this means the guitar is a popular and iconic instrument that is associated with creativity, passion, and expression. But for the guitar nerds out there, there is...


Only a Bigson is Doog Enough !

Yep... It's a Bigson ! Also love the little fender-ish F on the name written on the headstock. This Bigson guitar was made for an event by Retzwood Guitars Source Enregistrer


Who Said Wall Hangers are Harmless to Guitar Necks?

Looks like Rudi Mantofani has finally solved the age-old problem of tall guitar players. These guitars are perfect for those 18-foot-tall guitarists out there. Finally they can shred in peace. I wonder if they come with extra long straps too. It would be fun to see an...


Biggest Guitarist Fear

My biggest fear is when I die, my wife will sell my guitars for what I told her they costAnonymous


Tremolo Pedals… Not !

I am definitely one to use the term vibrato arm instead of tremolo arm ! But these are in no way pedals and even less tremolo pedals ! Unless you lay down your Strat on the floor, and use your foot to press ! Both tremolo arm and vibrato arm are commonly used to refer...


Guitars Mass Grave

I don't know the context of this picture. Is it a container full of counterfeit Gibson guitars ? Is it the result of the Nashville flood a few years back ? Regardless of the context, I think this guitars mass grave is gonna make me cry !


Guitarists VS. Drumkits

Two epic battles occur when guitarists meet drum kits in these live face offs.


This is NOT a Guitar !

Ok ! The simple fact that a quadriplegic man can move his fingers to use a video game controller is awesome news ! But still... This is NOT a guitar, dammit !

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Kirk Hammett’s Awkward Comment is… Very Awkward !

So, on the topic of KHDK guitar pedals he co-founded, Kirk thinks that "it's the first time you'll see a pedal company actually being driven by an actual guitar player." That comment is so awkward unless an "actual guitar player" can only be one who plays in a very...

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