ESPerm Guitar

I would be afraid to see baby riffs coming out of this insemination guitar ! Not sure if this guitar is meant to be played or used as a biology lesson. Custom painted ESP ? "Are you ready to rock ?" he shouts to the crowd "Yeaaaah" cheers the crowd "Are your ready to...

KFC Guitar

The rumor has it that Buckethead said "Now that's a finger-lickin' good guitar!" when presented with the KFC guitar ! Anyway, that may be not the best body shape ever but chicken picking should work very well on this instrument !

Unleash Your Inner Veggie with the Kabson Cabbage Guitar

The Kabson cabbage guitar has to be the future of guitar design, a leafy green revolution and maybe the way to a healthier you !

Casio EG-5 Cassette Guitar

The Casio EG-5 electric guitar from the 80s is a plastic-bodied six-string with a built-in stereo cassette recorder, amp and speaker. It sure looks like the perfect way to show everyone that you're a guitar player in the '80s but stuck in the future. Or the other way...

Dolby Surround Guitar ?

That must be some kind of dolby surround system for the guitar ! Now, imagine how big is the case to carry that giant wheel of a guitar ! Mel Vessel's one-armed guitar presented by Fred Carlson at the 2001 Guild of American Luthiers Convention in Tacoma, WA.

Shredding with Style: The Killer Drill Guitar from the 80s Slasher Classic

Who needs guitar solos when you can unleash a power drill solo instead? Imagine the faces in the crowd as you unleash the drilling fury upon unsuspecting ears!

The Telecrapster : Someone Pooped a Telecaster

This is supposed to be a rattlesnake... You can see its head right above the neck pickup ! The carved poop rattlesnake is not the only weird thing about this guitar. It looks like the builder tried to mix the hardware and electronics of a Telecaster with the bottom...

The Ultimate Warmoth Custom ?

The ZZ Zulu Warlord is a unique furry monster guitar that was found on Craigslist. The Zulu Warlord guitar is covered in deerskin hide and has steer horns, giving it this wild and ferocious, yet funny appearance. As an added touch, the volume and tone knobs are sheep...

Yummy Full Breakfast Guitar

Why settle for just playing breakfast songs when you can have breakfast on your guitar? Imagine a world where every guitar comes with a side of bacon and eggs. Yummy ! I bet this one smells delicious. Too bad you can't cook with it. One thing though, do you have to...

Darth Maul ESP

The eyes and mouth are so creepy... I can't decide whether I like it or not ! This is a custom ESP guitar featuring Star Wars character Darth Maul. The guitar was originally a George Lynch model that was modified by carving Darth Maul's face into the body using a...