Sweet and Hot Peppers Guitar

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Josh Klinghoffer could use this guitar to spice up things a little... Or maybe not ! One thing for sure, the Sweet and Hot Peppers guitar has more varieties than a Chipotle menu. But can it plays as hot as it looks ? The Sweet and Hot Peppers by...

Ibanez JERM Signature

Introducing the JERM, the guitar that will take the music world by storm! This unique instrument is the brainchild of luthier Tim, who set out to create a guitar that not only sounded great but also had a sense of humor. And boy, did he deliver! The JERM pays homage...

Dolby Surround Guitar ?

That must be some kind of dolby surround system for the guitar ! Now, imagine how big is the case to carry that giant wheel of a guitar ! Mel Vessel's one-armed guitar presented by Fred Carlson at the 2001 Guild of American Luthiers Convention in Tacoma, WA.

Someone Should be Punished for the Flycaster Abomination

It is hard to believe but as a matter of fact someone committed a crime against both  the Telecaster, and the Flying V guitars ! Spotted by the guys at Guitar Blog.

Worst Headstock Ever ?

This rather ugly headstock belongs to a Gibson 7 string steel semi-acoustic guitar. Only three of these guitars were hand-built in the 90s by luthier Roger Giffin when he worked for the Gibson Custom Shop. This guitar has such heavy-gauged strings on the bass side...

Yet Another Rick Nielsen Crazy Guitar

Rick Nielsen's guitars are so wild that there should be a Rick Nielsen museum somewhere... Really !

That V Couldn’t Fly…

... So they've added an angel to carry it ? In case you were wondering, this is an ESP Angel Classic V ! Of course it is an ESP ! It was made by the ESP custom shop for guitarist Toshihiko Takamizawa (The Alfee). The guitar has a quilted maple top and an alder back....

The Zhitomir Guitar: A Soviet Masterpiece or a Deadly Weapon?

The Zh guitar is not for the faint of heart. It’s like the devil’s own instrument. And from what we’ve heard, it’s like Satan himself is playing a giant bucket.

You Can’t Tell the Female Form by Looking at the Butt

Spotted at Etsy... It is supposed to be a female form acoustic guitar. You know... They had to add details, because the curvaceous shape of a guitar is not reminiscent enough of a fantasized woman's hourglass figure, hahaha ! You can watch and hear the guitar on...

Steampunk as Hell

I have nothing against steampunk guitars though this one seems a bit overloaded to be easy to play ! It probably has a purely decorative role though. via quora Enregistrer



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