All I Wanted Was a Volume Knob !

This confusing guitar is actually a 1976 Godwin Guitorgan vintage synth organ. The Godwin Guitorgan was developed by the Godwin Company in 1976. It was designed to emulate the sound of a traditional pipe organ, and featured a built-in guitar pickup that allowed...

Is This Some Sort of Guitar Art ?

Well... I don't understand it !

Les Skulls Guitar

As you may know, we love carved guitars at Guitar Fail. They never cease to amaze ! Our chuckles are always up to the amazing craftmanship involved in their making ! This one is some scary Les Paul guitar ! Even the knobs, the switch and the pickups rings are...

I’ve Been Hypnotized For 2 Hours by This Guitar

Really... Clic the picture for a larger view then stare at it ! Bye Bye... See ya in 2 hours! The guitar is a Charvel that was exhibited at NAMM 2010 next to a Clockwork Orange movie label ! Source

Dragons & Guitars Don’t Mix Well !

Nope... They really don't ! Especially when you try mix a double dragon with a guitar ! The only maybe enjoyable thing, so to speak, is the headstock. One blade on each side, and you've got yourself a nice slicing machine ! Double Dragon guitar - Source

Snake Guitar

Impressive skills but carved guitars always make me smile... This custom shop ESP Snake 2 from makes no exception.

Sweet Leaf : The Ultimate Stoner Guitar ?

We definitely would like to see a guitar battle between Tommy Chong's Sweet Leaf guitar and Mike Edison's ChroniCaster bong guitar. That would be smooookin !

Meet The Telequartzer Guitar

There probably were some esoteric considerations behind the making of this Telecaster transformed into a Telequartzer guitar ! Overall

Pizzar : First in a Series of Unexpected Designs…

... I certainly hope this is the last one of the series !! Believe it or not, this one-of-a-kind creationt aka the Pizzar electric guitar was designed by Bob Benedetto. Yes, the Benedetto from Benedetto Guitars. Quite a departure from their famous jazz archtop...

Do You Need The Best Top Fret Access ?

The 1990s Alvarez Dana Scoop is a rare guitar with a unique feature - a "scoop" cut out of the body to allow for easier access to the upper frets. But ain't that a little bit too much ? Funny fact : Dana Sutcliffe, the creator of the Alvarez Dana Scoop guitar,...

Humbuckers Madness

6 guitars and 24 humbuckers, I'm pretty sure you'll never run out of sound options with that much firepower. I bet if you played all 6 at once, it would create a sonic boom that could bring down buildings. That must be one loud family - Source

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Trump-Carved Guitar Making Strings Great Again?

It's not a guitar, it's a covfefe ! Given the reptilian skin they gave it, it's not sure if that's a poorly executed taxidermy project of Donald Trump, or an attempt to subtly disclose the real nature of Donald Trump. Who knows ? At least it's not as bad as a...

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Yummy Full Breakfast Guitar

Why settle for just playing breakfast songs when you can have breakfast on your guitar? Imagine a world where every guitar comes with a side of bacon and eggs. Yummy ! I bet this one smells delicious. Too bad you can't cook with it. One thing though, do you have to...

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Beneath The Dirt, A Wonderful Teisco Excetro Bass?

RED ALERT ** Hazmat suit required to touch that bass ! ** You can't get any relic than that. Pretty sure that under the mold and dirt, there is a nice bass guitar to rescue... Well, if someone can lift it from that wall ! Excetro was a house brand of the Kamano Music...

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Stratocaster Mutilation

It all probably started as "let's make a cool guitar design !"... ... But it didn't end up that well ! We can only guess that the owner of this poor mutilated Stratocaster was looking for some futuristic design with an easy access to higher frets.


DIY Disaster : An Active Pickup on a Hollowbody Gretsch Guitar !

A Gretsch Hollow-Active model ! For those who want all the disadvantages of a hollow body guitar, with none of the advantages of an active pickup. It makes sense for those who can't make up their mind between a hollow body and an active pickup Why not both and sound...


Living on the Edge !

I wouldn't even try to bend the strings because they look like they are ready to snap ! Embracing a certain degree of risk and uncertainty is part of the guitar-playing experience. Think of all those improvised solos by our favorite guitarists during live concerts....


Cat Eye LEDs FX Pedal

I never thought I'd see this anytime soon but I was wrong... Cats are everywhere !!! Noise Kick FX is an effects pedal builder that builds hand-made, hand-painted pedals in Baltimore, Maryland. They offer some awesome and hilarious designs.


How to Amplify an Unplugged Electric Guitar ?

You thought that the easiest way to amplify an electric guitar was using an amp ? Wrong ! You can use the Delsonix clip-on guitar speaker to amplify your unplugged electric guitar ! We don't know why the hell you would do this but now you know how to make your guitar...


Easy chord !

Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to play certain chords ? No matter how hard you try, those lazy fingers just won't cooperate. How cool would that be to have extra-fingers ? This would make playing guitar a breeze ! Well I guess that even a...


Yet Another Fucker Amp

We started the week with the Fucking Fucker Amp... Let's end it with just a Fucker amp! Thanks to Philippe who submitted this picture on Guitar Fail's Facebook page. 


Guitar Urinal

Looks like someone finally found a way to turn the pee-break during a gig into a performance with this guitar urinal. I bet you can play the best Pee Funk solos ever with these but don't get your hands to close! Anyway, I can't wait to see the long line of musicians...


Nothing is More Beautiful Than a Guitar…

"Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, except, possibly two."Frederic Chopin Well, Chopin probably never said this but this so damn true anyway !


The Couch Potato Guitar & Bass Workout

That's got be the best method ever ! Technique-building exercises you can do while watching TV ? Count me in ! Their best selling point is the promise to discover how to properly sit on a couch while playing guitar or bass. That's the fucking hardest thing to do for...


Someone Carved a Pickups Cavity with their Bare Hands ?

Obviously not... or else imagine the motivation it requires to carve such a swimming pool cavity that way ! Let's hope the new pickups config on this guitar was worth it !


Guitar Spin Fail Can Hurt !!

Ouch... That hurts ! What a dick move from the guitar to land on his balls ! Can't blame the guitar, though... Maybe she just felt dizzy from all that spinning.


This is NOT a Guitar !

Ok ! The simple fact that a quadriplegic man can move his fingers to use a video game controller is awesome news ! But still... This is NOT a guitar, dammit !

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Kirk Hammett’s Awkward Comment is… Very Awkward !

So, on the topic of KHDK guitar pedals he co-founded, Kirk thinks that "it's the first time you'll see a pedal company actually being driven by an actual guitar player." That comment is so awkward unless an "actual guitar player" can only be one who plays in a very...

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