The Mutant Lovechild of a Piano and a Bass

Have you ever looked at a guitar and thought to yourself : "That's just too normal" ? Well, if you have, then this bass guitar is for you. There is nothing normal about this shape ! When I first saw it, it made me do a double-take and wonder, What were they thinking?...

Dolby Surround Guitar ?

That must be some kind of dolby surround system for the guitar ! Now, imagine how big is the case to carry that giant wheel of a guitar ! Mel Vessel's one-armed guitar presented by Fred Carlson at the 2001 Guild of American Luthiers Convention in Tacoma, WA.

Only a Patrick Flying Starfish is Good Enough

This is so wrong in so many ways that it escapes the realm of the guitar fail. The SpongeBob SquarePants' Patrick Starfish guitar is one of those rare guitars that make us say : It is so wrong that it must be right ! Source

Dreamland Guitar

Dreamland is the actual name of the guitar. Let's put the art aside - some may like it, some may not - but what's with the pickups placement !? Aesthetic choice, probably. But it only gets better when you look at the back of the guitar... The Dreamland guitar seems to...

Who Wants a Slice of ESPizza ?

Spotted this picture on Guitar World's facebook page... It seems totally made for a Ninja Turtle !! Makes me think that I'm hungry... Pizzaaaaaa ! For over 8 years, Andrew W.K. dreamed of creating a guitar made out of a slice of pizza. The dream finally came true...

Yet Another Toilet Seat Guitar

Have you ever wondered what's the motivation to build a toilet seat guitar ? Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob who had a passion for music and a love for all things toilet-related. One day, while sitting on the throne, inspiration struck him like a...

But Does it Fly ?

It would be fun to start a rumor saying that Lenny Kravitz used this guitar to record Fly Away ! Anyway, do you think that this Flying V could actually fly ? I bet that's what they wanted to test ! Source Enregistrer Enregistrer

Ready to Explore the Explorer ?

I've seen simpler interfaces on a nuclear reactor. I'm pretty sure you could run a small city with all the controls on that guitar. Not sure what kind of music you can play with this guitar but it must require an engineers degree to operate it. How many knobs would...

They Say Guitar Has a Feminine Body Shape…

Kozm guitars took it way too literally !! This guitar not only has a feminine body shape but it also has nipples, and a clit !! This guitar by Jeff Kosmoski aka Kozm Guitars is the SB-3. This is the first design he came up with using 3D CAD solid-modeling programs....

Phoenix Guitar

This Charvel Phoenix was designed, built, and painted by Jim O'Connor in 1985 ! We burn it, and it keeps coming back to life by arising from the ashes ! Source


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Guitar Made of Noodles !

Guitar Made of Noodles !

We like guitars made of food ! Remember the bacon guitar ? Russian youtuber Moose ON built a guitar made of noodles, and plays some tasty Black Sabbath licks...

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I Wish My Strat Had a Vibrato

I Wish My Strat Had a Vibrato

Who needs a tremolo spring cavity on the back of their Stratocaster when you can just tape 2 strings on hardtail Strat ? If only it was that easy to put a...

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Only a Bigson is Doog Enough !

Only a Bigson is Doog Enough !

Yep... It's a Bigson ! Also love the little fender-ish F on the name written on the headstock. This Bigson guitar was made for an event by Retzwood Guitars...

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Crazy Pickguard

Crazy Pickguard

That pickguard is puzzling ! It manages to make ugly an otherwise nice Rickenbacker bass guitar. Particularly the twisted mustache under the control knobs....

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