Mixing Two Awesome Guitar Designs

More often than not, it doesn't give the best results ! This one is not that bad but it looks sort of clumsy.

Pizza Box Guitar… But Where is the Olive ?

Promotional guitars are not that rare. The Original Grandiosa Metal Guitar is a one-of-a-kind instrument though. Why shape it like a pizza box and not like a pizza ? It certainly is to make sure to turn heads. Once your eyes are on it, you can't escape from the huge...

The Ebow 3-String Bass

So, is it a real or fake instrument from Jens Ritter Instruments ? Although it looks like a sci fi movie prop there is something intriguing about the 3 ebows ! That must give a hell of a sound !

Alien Guitar

Now that's a bizarre alien wood grain on this guitar spotted on ebay. The guitar is an Ibanez EW35 ABE NT. It is part of the Exotic Wood Series. The body of the guitar is made of olive, ash and nyatoh wood.

How Tasteful !

I can't unsee the pickups selector switch placement. Now I'll just try to forget it !

I Guess you Play it With a Puck ?

Another guess : Not the most comfortable bass out there !

Dolby Surround Guitar ?

That must be some kind of dolby surround system for the guitar ! Now, imagine how big is the case to carry that giant wheel of a guitar ! Mel Vessel's one-armed guitar presented by Fred Carlson at the 2001 Guild of American Luthiers Convention in Tacoma, WA.

Who Knew That Picasso was a Luthier ?

I wouldn't want to be the one to tell it it's out of tune. The guitar looks like it is ready to eat all your fingers and sing you a scary tune at the same time. If Pablo Picasso was a guitar maker, I am pretty sure he would have build guitars like this spooky one......

The Bum Guitar

Everything is so wrong with this guitar... I guess it was supposed to be an hommage to the female body, it is hilariously creepy instead ! Butt cheeks on the front of the guitar. Boobs on the back of the guitar. A foot-shaped headstock ! If you want to know more about...

But Does it Fly ?

It would be fun to start a rumor saying that Lenny Kravitz used this guitar to record Fly Away ! Anyway, do you think that this Flying V could actually fly ? I bet that's what they wanted to test ! Source Enregistrer Enregistrer


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Epiphone Trolling Marshall

This picture is so LOL ! Slash rockin' an Epiphone Les Paul plugged into a small Epiphone Valve amplifier with a wall of Marshall amps in the background ! We see only three possible explanations : Epiphone had a contractual obligation for Slash to appear with Marshall...

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