When you hear the word ‘pinup,’ your mind might wander to vintage posters, or maybe some sticker applied on a vintage-ish guitar. It probablly won’t picture a pinup shaped guitar with a Floyd Rose! Or maybe it would, and I’m just not imaginative enough.

In any case, behold, this six-string seductress – a guitar that’s got more curves than a winding back road and more style than a 50s soda shop.

A guitar model that really strikes a pose – Source

Is she more than just a pretty face? It seems that this six-string siren isn’t just a piece of wall art. It looks fully functional and ready to rock.

I wonder who would dare play it though? With a body that could make a Gibson blush, this six-string temptress is every rockabilly’s dream (or is it?) and every conservative’s nightmare (or is it?).

Rockabilly’s dream? Nay!

That combination of a humbucker bridge pickup and a Floyd Rose trem says otherwise. But who knows, everything is possible nowadays… All it takes is someone daring enough to bend notes and hearts with just one flick of the wrist.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Is this guitar all show and no go?”

  • Can she croon a ballad as sweetly as she can belt out a blues solo?
  • Is she the kind of guitar that demands attention when you walk into the joint, and not just because she’s a looker?
  • Does it have a tone that’s as rich as a chocolate malt and as biting as a catfight?

To be honest, I don’t know. Just remember, it’s not objectification if it’s an object – it’s appreciation. Now, let’s string her up and let her sing; after all, this dame was born to be heard.

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