Meet the Eyecaster

What a funny idea to stick that much googly eyes on the top of this Stratocaster ! Thanks @KevyNova for this Eyecaster !

Lazy Luthier !

That's the kind of guitars I would build if I were to be a luthier ! Why bother carving wood ? Luckily, this guitar does not exist. It is a an imaginary guitar found here.

That V Couldn’t Fly…

... So they've added an angel to carry it ? In case you were wondering, this is an ESP Angel Classic V ! Of course it is an ESP ! It was made by the ESP custom shop for guitarist Toshihiko Takamizawa (The Alfee). The guitar has a quilted maple top and an alder back....

Experimental Acoustic Guitar

Experimental Guitar - Source This very strange experimental acoustic guitar is the work of highly acclaimed luthier William Laskin. Still, I couldn't help but see a vague resemblance to a minion character. It's like they took a minion, and put some strings on it. And...

Like a Guitar in the Wind

This Ibanez Biz Moon - yup that's her name - is as incredibly rare as it is incredibly funny to watch. The Ibanez 1966 Biz Moon is an incredibly rare guitar that is prized by collectors. The Bizarre series "Biz Moon" is one of the rarest Ibanez guitars out from Japan....


A 20-Litre Land Rover jerrycan makes a very nice and big cigar box guitar... or should I say gas can guitar ? And if you want it to be amazing, just go for a Strat pickguard loaded with HSS pickups ! Fill the can with gas... Light a match... Hell no ! Don't be crazy,...

C-3PO Guitar

Ready for Shred Wars ? This is C-3PO action figure carrying case from Star Wars repurposed as a functional electric guitar with a Behringer neck. The case still opens and talks, with C-3PO saying three different phrases. That last feature must be so annoying ! C-3PO's...

This Guitar is a Workhorse

Am I the only to see a dick-shaped cantle ? Salt River Baritone guitar by Fish Guitar - Source

Sweet Leaf : The Ultimate Stoner Guitar ?

We definitely would like to see a guitar battle between Tommy Chong's Sweet Leaf guitar and Mike Edison's ChroniCaster bong guitar. That would be smooookin !

Guitar or Sea Monster? The Confusing Creation That Nobody Wants to Talk About!

When I first saw this guitar, it made think of a sea creature. It's like the designer said, "You know what would be great? If we combined a fish, or some sort of aquatic creature, and a guitar to confuse the hell out of everyone." I think this guitar is trying to tell...


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But Does it Fly ?

But Does it Fly ?

It would be fun to start a rumor saying that Lenny Kravitz used this guitar to record Fly Away ! Anyway, do you think that this Flying V could actually fly...

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Lazy Luthier !

Lazy Luthier !

That's the kind of guitars I would build if I were to be a luthier ! Why bother carving wood ? Luckily, this guitar does not exist. It is a an imaginary...

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