Slutty Guitar

I wonder who would buy this, and then play it ? Probably one of the Top 3 creepiest guitars you will ever see here !

Who Knew That Picasso was a Luthier ?

I wouldn't want to be the one to tell it it's out of tune. The guitar looks like it is ready to eat all your fingers and sing you a scary tune at the same time. If Pablo Picasso was a guitar maker, I am pretty sure he would have build guitars like this spooky one......

This Guitar is a Workhorse

Am I the only to see a dick-shaped cantle ? Salt River Baritone guitar by Fish Guitar - Source

Everything is Political

Question is : Does it make it easier to hammer-on ? Øystein Sundes' Kommunistcaster - Source

Les Paul Justin Bieber Signature?

At least the portrait is more realistic than the Stratocaster Beyoncé Signature !

Guitar for Shrek

Not shred... Shrek! This guitar was on ebay... Not much information about it though.

Baked Potato Guitar

You never know ! With all these baked maple fretboards and stuff maybe we'll see more of this kind of guitars in the future ! Baked Potato guitar - Source Musical Harvest Guitars was founded in 1993 by Doug Ranno to combine his passion for music, guitars, and the...

Snake Guitar

Impressive skills but carved guitars always make me smile... This custom shop ESP Snake 2 from makes no exception.

Strumming Picasso’s Nightmare: The Avant-Garde Guit-Art!

Meet the avant-garde guit-artistry of the Abstracto-Masterpiece-O-Matic. It’s like Picasso met a luthier for a jam session… and this is their lovechild.

Budding Guitars ??

I wish budding guitars would exist... It would be cheaper to change gear! However the budding process would make it quite hard to play I guess! Paul Kinny's Stereo acoustic guitar - Source


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