Unleash Your Inner Veggie with the Kabson Cabbage Guitar

The Kabson cabbage guitar has to be the future of guitar design, a leafy green revolution and maybe the way to a healthier you !

This is not Donald “Duck” Dunn’s Signature Bass Guitar

Quack, quack, quack! You ain't never seen a bass like this before. Someone probably tried to channel the spirit of the legendary Donald "Duck" Dunn himself through this duck shaped bass. Just in case Donald Duck Dunn name doesn't ring a bell, here is a reminder :...

Paris Hilton Doesn’t Make it Look Better : the Epiphone Airscreamer Remains Ugly !

I know, I know... Some would say that Paris Hilton makes it even uglier ! The Epiphone Airscreamer is inspired an iconic symbols of Americana, the Airstream travel trailers. This guitar features a body shaped like the classic Airstream "Bambi" trailer, complete with a...

Cupcakes on a Guitar… Yummy !

Wait, WHAT ? These are not cupcakes shaped knobs ? I don't know about you but whatever these are, I'm not sure I want to be licking my guitar knobs, even if they do look that delicious. Looks like a recipe for a sticky mess.

This is an ESP, is it ?

Just in case you didn't remember which brand it is. I like the ESP URL too ! Next step, put a QR Code and let's roll... Well, in case you're still wondering... This is an ESP Flag 30th anniversary guitar. It has an alder body, and a maple neck with a rosewood...

Musical Manscaping: MGK’s Schecter Razor Blade Guitar Is Here to Trim the Excess!

This MGK’s Schecter Razor Blade guitar is so sharp that when you strum it on the edge, it cuts through the mix with no effort. The next cutting edge of Rock ?

Mermaid Guitar

We don't have much information about this mermaid guitar. We're still digging the web to find more !

Alfa Romeo Guitar

Not the first guitar inspired by a car... Not the prettiest either ! Somehow, this Alfa Romeo inspired guitar looks more like a vaccum cleaner than a car. Impressive ! Source Alfa Romeo has teamed up with custom guitar maker Harisson to create the Alfa Romeo guitar,...

Get a Grip: This Guitar is All Hands on Deck!

This is probably the handiest guitar in history. It takes ‘handmade’ to new extremes! High five to the guitar that’s never short of applause!

Looking For The Missing Pieces of This Telecaster !

Don't try to fit this puzzle shaped Telecaster into your collection of other guitars, it doesn't quite fit.


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