You know those days when you think you’ve seen it all, and then life throws a curveball at you?

Picture this: A guitar tech diving into a Jackson setup at work, expecting the usual, but finding… wait for it… a tremolo blocked with two screws. Yes, screws! And not just any screws, but ones seemingly plucked from a drawer of lost and forgotten hardware.

Tremolos and screws: the odd couple we didn’t know we needed – Source

This Jackson guitar must have whispered to its owner one day, “Forget standard blocking methods, just screw it!” Literally.

And here’s the kicker – hang onto your fretboards, folks – it seems that it works. Surprisingly well. It’s like finding out that duct tape can fix a spaceship (thanks, Apollo 13) or that you can use a tortilla chip as a makeshift fire starter.

This shouldn’t be right!

And yet, this level of DIY genius caused the guitar tech to have a massive existential crisis because someone out there has discovered an uncharted hack that actually does the trick. I can understand how you can end up questioning everything.

Look, in the world of tremolos and guitar setups, there’s a fine line between insanity and innovation. Today, that line got a tad blurrier. So here’s to the brave soul who decided to give screws a shot in a Jackson tremolo. Rock on, you unconventional genius. Rock on.

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