Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games — and by games, I mean the kind of gear that would make Dr. Frankenstein drop his beakers and pick up a pick. If you’ve ever thought your garden party lacked a certain… edge, brace yourselves for a duo of guitars that are more ‘out there’ than your aunt’s conspiracy theories.

These Guitars are Ready to Blast Off! Source

Sound Garden: Where Guitars and Speakers Become One

In the left corner, we have what appears to be the lovechild of a PRS-esque shaped guitar and a boombox. This six-stringed Frankenspeaker is not just a guitar; it’s a public service announcement that screams, “I don’t need an amp; I am the amp.”

Just imagine strumming a chord and watching your petunias sway to the vibrations. Who said gardening was quiet?

Meet the Axe: Acoustic, Electric, or Alien?

On the right, strutting the color of midnight and mystery, is an acoustic – vaguely reminiscent of the Dean’s quirky acoustic trio – that decided to go electric, and then some. This beauty comes loaded with more dials than NASA’s control panel and a speaker that looks like it was borrowed from a passing UFO.

This guitar doesn’t just have an edge; it’s the entire cutting board.

Outdoor Concert or Intergalactic Signal Booster?

Set against the serene backdrop of Mother Nature, these two beasts stand ready to disturb the peace in the most melodic way possible. The scene is so peaceful, you can almost hear the birds tweeting their last tweets before these strum-happy behemoths spring to life.

Dial ‘S’ for Strings or ‘A’ for Apocalypse?

The best part about these amplified monstrosities? The built-in panel controls that seem to be able to go from “serenading squirrels” to “apology notes to the neighbors” real quick.

These guitars aren’t just instruments; they’re a backyard Bonnaroo waiting to happen.

They make you want to grab your shades, pluck those strings, and see if they can’t get the local wildlife to start a mosh pit.

They definitely look ready to unleash some string-powered sonic booms, and disrupt your suburban tranquility. Because why the heck not?

Rock on, garden warriors, rock on.

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