Ah, the ES-335, a guitar beloved by many for its rich tones and classic design. But what happens when a guitar enthusiast decides to take a more, shall we say, unconventional approach to hollowbody maintenance?

Behold, the infamous hatch mod.

What’s behind the backdoor of this ES-335? Source

That poor 335 has been through hell. Wiring in a hollowbody guitar is no easy task. It requires patience. There are countless tutorials out there to show how it’s done. And, I don’t remember “cutting a hatch” as one of the options, but hey, I’m no luthier, right? Of course, putting a plastic cover will hide the mess. But still, what a curious idea isn’t it?

Unless it wasn’t for wiring purposes? Maybe it’s a literal hatch to sneak in a flask of booze or something else? After all, we’ve already seen that kind of guitar mod to hide a flask in the past.

Why someone would cut a hatch into the back of an unfortunate ES-335?

If you ask me, I’d say the portable mini bar theory is a solid one. For the rocker who likes to keep a flask handy, this could be the ultimate in stealthy refreshment. Just pop open the hatch and take a swig between songs. Obviously, you’d have to go for a really tiny flask to fit in.

One can not rule out the smuggling contraband hypothesis though. Ain’t that a rock ‘n’ roll way of sneaking past venue security with some banned items? Fireworks, whoopee cushions, or other mischief-making supplies, you name it!

Maybe it’s for some less outlaw purposes…

We all know that long gigs can be grueling. Maybe it is a secret storage for snacks? Maybe this musician wanted a secret stash of snacks to keep the energy up mid-solo. Who can blame them? A hidden granola bar, perhaps?

Or maybe we’re missing some DIY sound modification secret here… Maybe the guitarist thought they could alter the acoustics of the guitar by adding or removing objects through the hatch. And maybe it works, and we don’t know it because it’s the best well-kept secret of the guitar universe?

Science experiment or madness? You decide.

Anyway, the mystery hatch in the back of this ES-335 serves as a reminder that guitar mods can take on a life of their own. While it might not be the most elegant solution, it certainly adds a unique chapter to the guitar’s story. However, for the wannabe DIYers out there, just remember: there’s always a less drastic solution than cutting a hole in your beloved instrument. Or is there?

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