Here’s something special we have to share with you today : a Telecaster with a secret, the blue beast that doubles as a smuggler’s dream. At first glance, it’s a classic blue Telecaster but beneath its innocent pickguard lies a secret cavity.

No, it’s not for hiding contraband or stolen diamonds (although that would be pretty awesome), it’s for something much more essential to a musician’s survival – a mini bottle of whisky.

That’s right, this guitar is not just an instrument, it’s a portable pub.

Guitar and whisky: a match made in boozy heaven

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why would anyone need a guitar that can stash alcohol?” Well, my friend, it’s all about convenience.

Imagine jamming with your buddies, and suddenly, you’re hit with an insatiable thirst. Instead of pausing the music and running to the nearest bar, you simply reach under the pickguard and voila – instant refreshment! It’s like having your own personal bartender right at your fingertips.

And let’s not forget the historical context. It reminds me of Buddy Guy who, back in the days, used to stash wine bottles in his Fender Bassman amp for those extra special moments…. Well, actually to avoid detection by the authorities when performing clubs ! Some might say, it’s a tradition, a way to celebrate the music and the joy it brings. This Telecaster takes that tradition to the next level, giving you the power to carry your liquid inspiration right on your guitar.

Now, I must mention that this guitar probably does not come with a license to smuggle alcohol. I mean, we’re not encouraging illegal activities here. This is all in good fun, a playful nod to those rock ‘n’ roll rebels who like to push the boundaries.

Rock on, my friends. And, even if you’re a proud member of the smokin’ hot, whisky-sippin’ Telecaster club remember, always play responsibly, both with your music and your beverages. Cheers!

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