Let’s take a moment to appreciate the guitar that decided to go on a diet, and boy, did it take it seriously! At first glance, it’s the classic silhouette we all know and love—a sleek, black Les Paul with a gleam that could put a mirror to shame.

Then, you see the screws, and realize there’s a gigantic pickguard that’s covering 90% of the body. Did someone wanted to protect the guitar from everything, including the gentle strum of a feather or the judgmental gaze of a traditionalist? Seems like this guitar isn’t just wearing armor; it’s ready for a jousting match.

You unscrew the pickguard, and surprise! That’s part guitar, part cheese grater. What’s the deal with the Swiss cheese treatment on a guitar that’s supposed to be as solid as the rock it plays?

Now, we’ve all heard of weight relief, but this Les Paul must have misread the memo and went for a full-on weight removal. Maybe it’s gearing up for a “lightweight” tour? Perhaps it decided to try out for the role of the first guitar in space?

Honestly, that looks like a lot of unnecessary space for just one active pickup battery. Could it be an attempt to reach the ultimate tone, or a new way to smuggle snacks into band practice? Jokes aside, this instrument is like a magic trick: now you see the body, now you don’t! It’s like the guitar version of a vanishing act.

“For my next trick, I will make the Les Paul’s body… disappear!”

But don’t be fooled, it’s still there, somewhere between the pickguard and the echo of the hollow void. In all its hollowed-out glory, this Les Paul is still standing, ready to belt out tunes with an airy resonance that could either be the next big thing or a guitar tech’s worst nightmare. But one thing’s for sure, it’s not afraid to show off its unique charm.

So to the Les Paul that took “less is more” a tad too literally, we salute you. Keep on rockin’, you hollow-bodied hero, and may your notes be as light as your newfound physique!

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