The world of guitar desing never ceases to amaze. Feast your eyes on a masterpiece of awkwardness and confusion. Behold, The Flasher Guitar!

Now, when you think of guitars, you probably envision beautiful instruments that evoke passion, soulful music, and rocking performances. But that’s probably just too mainstream for visual artist Adrian Chesterman. No, Chesterman took his vision of guitar design to a whole new level of eccentricity, and boy, did he succeed!

The Flasher Guitar is like no other guitar you’ve seen before. Its body is a creepy character opening its coat to reveal its… guitar neck.

Yes, you read that right. It’s as if someone thought, “Hey, you know what this guitar needs? A touch of public indecency!”

I mean, who needs a traditional guitar when you can have one that looks like it’s about to commit some crime? Forget about playing beautiful melodies. The Flasher Guitar is here to make you uncomfortable and perplexed.

I don’t know what, or maybe who, inspired Adrian Chesterman to create such an unusual masterpiece. Was he trying to send a message about the vulnerability of guitars in the modern world? Or maybe he just wanted to mess with our minds, and make us question the very essence of musical instruments. After all, the guitar is a phallic instrument, right?

Not sure if it’s a functional instrument though. There are not much information about it. What I do know is that one of his designs was made into an actual skulls and crossbones guitar for Marco Pirroni, the guitarist of punk rock band Adam and the Ants.

Would you be brave enough to wield the Flasher on stage? I guess you’d get some mixed reactions from the audience.

Picture this: You walk on stage with the Flasher guitar in hand, and the crowd is torn between awe and awkwardness. They won’t know whether to focus on your musical skills or wonder why your guitar is exposing itself.

One thing for sure, the Flasher is not a guitar for the faint of heart or the conventional musician. It would be a perfect fit for someone who’s prepared for a lot of double-takes and raised eyebrows.

In the world of art and guitars, sometimes the line between brilliance and absurdity is a thin one. The Flasher guitar might just be straddling that line with its coat wide open, ready to expose its guitar neck to the world.

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