A pig rectum slide would be perfect for this creepy pigskin guitar !


According to Mike Riggs (ex-Rob Zombie), the owner of this creepy thing, the Pigskin guitar is a Fernandes guitar that was modified by a leather shop in Springfield, Missouri to have a pig skin cover. The shop did a “wicked” job of piecing the skin together, making it look like a combination of Freddy Krueger and Leatherface. The skin is real and can be tattooed, and there are already a few tattoos on it. The shop also added a face on the front of the guitar with sewn-shut eyes and a little nose sticking out. On the back of the guitar, there is an actual pig nipple attached to a round cover plate over the killswitch circuits. The final result is a guitar that is described as “nasty” and “brutal”.

Pretty nasty indeed !


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