Welcome to the Addams Family’s front porch jam session, or at least that’s what you’d believe if Gomez, Morticia, and Pugsley suddenly struck up a tune. In the dim, atmospheric light stand three Dean acoustic guitars, each with its own oddball character, just like the members of everyone’s favorite macabre family.

Don’t ask me why they make me think of the Addams Family but they do. As if Dean’s acoustic guitars were not strange enough, these 3 monsters have been through some wild modifications!

Three guitars fit for an Addams – Source

On the left, we’ve got the “Explorer” – looking like it’s ready to navigate its way through a rock ballad, but with a twist. What’s that at the bridge? A pickup! What’s that in the soundhole? A speaker! Yup! The speaker of a Micro-cube amp!

Looks like someone wanted an unconventional portable rig for busking or travel purposes maybe… The controls are perched right on the top edge. They could be for anything, really: adjusting the tone, volume, or perhaps even summoning Thing for a quick guitar string change.

Now, brace yourself for the double act in the center and on the right. They started life as siblings, both acoustic “Flying Vs”, but it seems they underwent a bit of a… surgical procedure. It’s as if Wednesday got ahold of them, thinking they’d look better with horns. Of course, they’ve been uprgraded the same way as their sibling: a pickup added at the bridge, and a speaker in the soundhole – ready to amp up the eeriness.

But let’s address the metaphorical haunted elephant in the room: the shape modifications. They’re as peculiar as Cousin Itt’s choice in hats. But who am I to judge? In the world of guitars, as in the Addams mansion, there’s always room for a little oddity and intrigue.

Imagine the scene: Lurch on bass, Grandmama on vocals, and this trio of guitars leading the eeriest, quirkiest jam session. “They’re creepy and they’re kooky,” indeed!

One thing’s for sure, these guitars may be unconventional, but they’ve got spunk. They’d be right at home in the hands of an Addams – or anyone with a penchant for the peculiar. Just remember, play at your own risk; you never know when Thing might pop out for a quick strum.

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