Whoever said that the devil is in the details clearly hadn’t seen a bass that literally gives you the horns. Introducing the bass that’s more metal than your lead singer’s studded wristbands. Meet the devil-horned bass, the instrument that decided if it couldn’t join the band in heaven, it would start its own in hell.

This Bass Guitar is More Metal Than Your Playlist!

This isn’t your mama’s bass guitar. Oh no, this is the bass guitar that your mama warned you about. These devil horns could poke an eye out! This bass has been hand-carved by a luthier – or maybe it was a lutcher (half luthier, half butcher) – who clearly had a score to settle. Perhaps with a higher power?

The Devil’s in the Details

It’s all about the details with this beast… or the lack thereof. One can only admire the “shaped in the core of an active volcano” finish. We can only assume it was “forged” in the fires of Mount Doom because, honestly, what else would explain such a hardcore instrument?

The hand-carved gesture at the top? It’s not just a sign of your musical allegiance; it’s a built-in crowd control device. One strum and it’s like casting a spell over your audience, ensuring they’re headbanging in unison or at least questioning your life choices.

Not Just a Bass, But a Warning

This bass comes with a tag, a foreboding message scribbled by the previous owner – probably in a hurry as they fled to the church. It says, “Play at your own risk, lest you want to dance with the devil.”* And by dance, we mean slap the bass so hard it sends chills down the spines of even the most seasoned metalheads.

I bet it easily could add some fire to your funk or some evil to your groove, this bass might just be your ticket to infamy. Just remember to keep your soul intact because this guitar will tempt you to trade it for that perfect riff.

* The tag actually says : “One off custom hand made fretless bass guitar. Wilkinson ??? pickups. £99”*

What’s more metal than a devil horns bass

What’s more metal than a devil horns bass, you ask? Perhaps only a bass made from the melted down coins of a billionaire’s failed space venture. Or maybe, one strung with the silken threads of a unicorn’s mane, assuming unicorns are as into death metal as we are.

In conclusion, this bass isn’t just an instrument; it’s a statement. A statement that gives a new hilarious meaning to Devil’s music!

So there we have it, folks—a bass that’s as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face and as understated as a fireworks display at a library. Keep it loud, keep it heavy, and may your riffs always be as devilishly funny as this axe of awe. Rock on!

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