Is there a better way to channel your inner rockstar than with an alien invasion guitar? Well, there probably is a better way ! Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of sci-fi and aliens, so I kinda like it though it’s fairly ugly. But hey, a guitar that looks like it came straight out of an X-Files episode… Sign me in, right now !

I mean, just imagine walking into a music store and seeing this guitar hanging on the wall. You’d think, “What in the world is that?” And then you’d realize, it’s not from this world!

A guitar that looks like a little grey of Area 51 with a neck that looks like it’s going out of the tiny mouth of the alien, well… It’s like the alien is playing the guitar while you’re playing the alien. It’s a mind-bending experience, man.

But seriously, who comes up with these designs? Are aliens secretly designing guitars now? Or is it just a human’s fascination with all things extraterrestrial?

But the real question is, does the guitar play well? Can you shred some sick riffs and solos on it? I mean, if aliens have a favorite music genre, it’s probably metal or prog rock, right? Or does it just emit a high-pitched screech that only dogs can hear? Maybe it can mimic the sound of a spaceship taking off. Who knows ? I guess we’ll never know until we try it out.

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