In an alternate universe where guitar pickups look to the West instead of the East, this modified Musima Lead Star guitar might have been the norm. But here in our world, it’s about as common as a drummer arriving on time.

Let’s talk about the guitar that flipped a Stratocaster’s looks faster than a vinyl record in a DJ’s hands.

The Musima Lead Star strat that zigged when others zagged – Source

That Lead Star Strat decided ‘standard’ was too mainstream. Hence the slanted pickups that went right; when every Strat in history has only the bridge pickup slanted left. There must be a sonic reason for this mod—More bass in the high end, and less bass in the low end, maybe? I dunno!

However, visually it’s the equivalent of finding a left-handed pencil – unnecessary, but you’ve got to appreciate the innovation.

And the pickguard? It’s like a ghost of Strats past. You can still see where the old pickups used to lie. These holes make it seem as though the guitar had a change of heart mid-production.

It’s as if the DIYer said, “Let’s do a little guitar yoga and stretch those pickups the other way,” and then forgot to change the pickguard. Some might call it sloppy, we call it… retro charm.

Now, let’s not overlook the traveling volume knob. It’s taken a journey to the front of the pickguard. Why? Maybe it needed some personal space. The original hole, like a belly button, remains—a reminder of where the volume once was born.

This guitar is like a Picasso painting: nothing is quite where you expect it to be, but somehow, it works in a way that art critics might call ‘provocative.’ It’s not just a guitar; it’s a conversation piece. Something to play and ponder over.

To the purists, this Strat might look like it’s wearing its clothes inside out. But to those who embrace a dash of oddity, it’s a breath of fresh (if somewhat confused) air.

In a way, this Stratocaster serves as a friendly reminder that in the world of music, as in life, it’s okay to march—or strum—to the beat of your own drum.

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