Have you ever had trouble making a decision? You know, like choosing between vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or deciding whether to wear a turtleneck or a hoodie? Well, it looks like the builder of this guitar couldn’t make up his mind either.

This DIY creation has all the elements of a Flying V, Telecaster, SG, and Stratocaster, plus a headstock that resembles an Explorer. It’s like a musical Frankenstein’s monster.

Maybe the builder was trying to create the ultimate guitar, the Swiss Army Knife of guitars. Or maybe he just couldn’t decide what to build. Whatever the reason, the end result is a guitar that’s sure to turn heads, even if it’s not quite sure what it wants to be.

The Explorer headstock on a Flying V Telecaster SG Stratocaster…Thing – Source

One thing’s for sure, this guitar is a conversation starter. You could spend hours debating which guitar it most closely resembles, or you could just sit back and enjoy the sheer ridiculousness of it all. It’s like a musical Rorschach test. What do you see? A Flying V or a Stratocaster? An SG or a Telecaster? The possibilities are endless.

In the end, this guitar may not be the prettiest or the most practical, but it’s definitely one of the most entertaining. It’s a DIY creation that’s so off-beat and unique, it’s hard not to admire it. And who knows, maybe one day it’ll inspire someone else to build their own musical Frankenstein’s monster.

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