Built-in wah in a pair of sneakers !


Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are quite popular among performers. Now, Converse has released a new shoe called the All Wah that combines fashion with function for musicians.

The Converse All Wah were Developed by design agency Critical Mass and later improved upon by fashion technology brand CuteCircuit. The All Wah is a high top Chuck Taylor with a built-in Wah pedal. By simply moving their foot, users can add a Wah effect to their plugged in guitar through the use of a flexible sensor in the sole of the shoe that sends information via Bluetooth to a Wah Box. The All Wah can also be connected to a Mac or iPhone instead of an amp.

While it is not yet clear if or when the All Wah will be available for public purchase, 13 guitarists have already tested it out in a trial run earlier this year.



Check the video demo by J. Mascis !





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