Have you ever looked at a guitar and thought, “This is just too normal, I need something with more character”? Well, look no further than this skull guitar! Yes, that’s right, someone out there decided that what the world really needs is a guitar that looks like Jeff Dunham’s Achmed puppet, but in guitar form.

You know, nothing screams “rock and roll” like a skull with a missing tooth and googly eyes. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The volume and tone knobs are also skull-shaped, because consistency is key. And, there’s a third knob that seems to control a built-in distortion unit, in case you want to add a little extra distortion to your skull jams.

This “beauty” was apparently sold for $550 on craigslist. It seems like a fair price to own a guitar that looks like it’s about to come to life and haunt you.

But let’s not forget the most important question of all: Does it sound good?

Who knows? Who cares? This guitar is a work of art, and it’s meant to be appreciated for its absurdity. It’s a comedy of horrors that you won’t soon forget.

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