Ladies and gents, feast your eyes on the Markus Super 6 (Rose) by Oriolo Guitars—a marvel so surreal, even Salvador Dalí would tilt his mustache in approval. With a design reminiscent of Disney whimsy and a Picasso-esque flair, this guitar isn’t just an instrument; it’s a statement piece for your wall… and your gigs.

Let’s dive into the colorful backstory of this head-turner. Don Oriolo, former CEO of Felix the Cat Productions, Inc., seems to have channeled his love for animation into creating guitars that would look right at home in a modern art exhibit. Seriously, the guy went from cartoon cats to crafting these feline-inspired fretted masterpieces.

The shop, much like a mystical land from one of Felix’s adventures, has been closed for what feels like an eternity—probably around two years. Perhaps it’s been a secret mission, or Don Oriolo is waiting for the stars to align just right before opening the gates again.

Now, imagine a band equipped with this avant-garde guitar. You’d have surreal riffs and art-inspired arpeggios echoing through your eardrums. A guitar so geometric can only sound melodic… in a circonvoluted way, right?

Mr Don’s guitar is reminiscent of the Hoyt avant-garde guitar. It actually looks like its more rebellious cousin. Together, they could form a duo that defies every musical convention known to man.

Picture this: you walk into a jam session holding this bad boy, and the room falls silent. Not because of your impeccable timing or your awe-inspiring riffs, but because everyone’s trying to figure out if you just pulled it out of a museum exhibit.

The Markus Super 6 isn’t just a guitar; it’s a surreal journey into the mind of an artist who thought, “What if we took Disney, threw in some Picasso, and added strings?” It’s for the musician who doesn’t just want to play but wants to make a statement. And the statement is loud, clear, and definitely artful… yes that means that we are still trying to figure out what it is trying to tell us so loudly! We’ll let you know when, and if, we figure it out…

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