Well, well, well. Just when you thought the DIY relic trend couldn’t get any… hotter, someone decided to introduce a Telecaster to a good ol’ campfire. And the result? An instrument that looks like it’s survived the set of a rock ‘n’ roll apocalypse movie.

Or maybe just a particularly raucous BBQ.

The Telecaster BBQ edition that’s to hot to handle – Source

Now, let’s get something straight: relic-ing is an art. It’s a delicate dance of distressing, sanding, well-placed paint or varnish, and sometimes a touch of fire… But a light touch! Going wild at it with a flamethrower? That’s a bold move. Some might even call it… blazing.

But hey, we’ve seen our fair share of relic’d guitars. Some are masterpieces, bearing the faux-scars of imagined battles and stages. Others, well… let’s just say they’ve been kissed by the irony fairy. This fiery Telecaster, in all its charred glory, might not be the worst relic job we’ve seen. But it’s definitely blazing its way up to the top of that list.

One has to wonder, was this an attempt to capture the soul of a phoenix, rising from the ashes in musical form? Or perhaps an over-enthusiastic moment with a lighter during a power ballad? Whatever the inspiration, it’s clear this Telecaster is a testament to the burning passion of DIY enthusiasts everywhere – sometimes, quite literally.

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