Every so often, we come across something that makes us stop and scratch our heads. Picture a standard Strat. Now, imagine that instead of having the strings neatly threaded through the bridge block and the saddle, the strings’ ball-end beads are creatively fitted between the saddle screws.

Sounds peculiar? It sure is! But this twist is one of the most inventive ways we’ve seen to string a six-point trem system.

Break the norms! Redefine string theory! Source

Now, you might be asking, why? What’s the purpose? But let’s be honest – in a world that’s upside down, and weird has become the norm, the real question is, why not?

Maybe that’s the classic Stratocaster telling us it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Maybe this eccentric stringing technique is not just about aesthetics.

Maybe it is for those brave enough to give it a try,and claim a unique tonal quality. While the jury might still be out on the sound difference, one thing’s for certain: it’s a guaranteed conversation starter at your next jam session.

Creativity and music, after all, aren’t just about following the rules – They’re about breaking them occasionally. In a way, this quirky stringing method is a testament to that spirit. And maybe one day, the world will recite the old Guitar Fail saying that goes, “When life gives you saddle screws, fit the strings ball end beads between them!

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