Remember the Tokai Les Paul that was sliced and turned into an LED wall guitar light? In a similar twist of fate, yet opting for a more classical approach, another Les Paul has been transformed into an LP lampshade!

Lighting up the room with more than just solos! Source

What is it with Les Paul guitars that incites some to turn them into sources of ambient lighting?

Is it their luscious curves that capture the essence of light and shadow, or the warm tones of their wood that whisper, “I could brighten up your life”?

This particular Les Paul has retired from its rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to a more stationary existence—though one could argue that becoming a lamp is the ultimate encore. It’s like it’s saying, “I used to set the stage on fire, now I just set the mood”.

Here are a few theories on why Les Pauls make such popular lamps. Perhaps it’s their magnetic aura that attracts more than just metal strings. Or is it that they’re simply predestined to be the center of attention, be it on a concert or in the corner of your reading nook?

Or maybe it’s just a practical solution: “I need a lamp, I have this guitar, let’s make magic happen!”. Well, it’s highly improbable because if it’s just about that, we should see a shitload of Stratocaster lamps rather than Les Paul lamps, right?

Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: Les Pauls will continue to be revered, be it on a guitar stand or illuminating your late-night reading session.

So the next time you see a guitar getting a little too cozy with a lampshade, just remember—it’s not a bizarre twist of fate, it’s a fusion of function and form, reimagining how we see (and light up) the world.

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