Ever felt like your guitar was judging you for not knowing how to read music? Well, fret no more (or actually, do), because here’s a guitar that won’t let you get away with tablature tyranny.

Meet the Hambur Guitar that should be dubbed Scorecaster (or something like that), the six-string that’s here to teach you a lesson in music theory.

For Those Who Actually Know What a Semiquaver Is ?

This guitar is for those who’ve spent hours squinting at tiny black dots and lines, translating them into melodies.

It’s for the purists who say, “Tabs are for the weak!” and for those who believe a ‘C sharp’ isn’t just something you’d find on a pirate’s map.

The Ultimate ‘Tabboo’

Let’s face it, the Scorecaster should’ve been a tablature, given how most of us guitarists read music like we read the terms and conditions – we don’t.

But no, it stands proud as a bastion of musical notation. After all, nothing says “I’m serious about music” like strumming on a staff.

The Guitar That Literally Plays by the Book

Let’s hope it doesn’t come with a tutorial book to make you proficient in music reading… It would be a buzzkill. Well, at least it does promise to make you look like you could compose a symphony – or at least play Smoke on the Water with a touch of class.

A piece of advice before ending this post… Just remember: every time you play a power chord, a music teacher sighs. But who cares? You’re too busy making music (literally) to bother with the sighs of the musically literate.

Now, go forth and turn those notes into noise!

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