This Fender Telecaster Natural Refin 1970 looks like a psychedelic trip to the barber shop! Well, if you’re looking for a Telecaster that’s been given the full Sweeney Todd treatment, this one’s for you! 

Just think, for the bargain price of $3,995, you can own a piece of musical history… or a piece of musical horror. $3,995, it’s a steal!

Why settle for a boring old Telecaster when you can have one that’s been through a tele-disaster? Source

Ah, yes, the classic combination of music and horror. Because nothing screams rock and roll like a guitar that looks like it’s been to the depths of hell and back. Obviously, no one needs a Telecaster that’s been restored to its original glory when you can have one that’s been restored to its own unique brand of madness, right? 

Sure, it’s a bit hacked up, but at least it’s one-of-a-kind. This tele-disaster of a Telecaster is guaranteed to turn heads and possibly induce nightmares. Your audience might not know what they’re hearing, but they sure as hell won’t forget what they’re seeing.

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