The Alpaca “Go-Anywhere Adventure” Guitar

Yeah, it can go anywhere as long as it is far away from me ! via update : It appears that Alpaca Guitars experienced some difficulties with supplying their initial kickstarter investors with their promised Alpaca guitars. As a result, they are no longer producing or...

This Guitar Tells you How Fast you Can Play ?

Use this guitar only if you're ready to rock...and roll at high speeds! Though shredders might like this speedometer guitar, they might end up frustrated when they'll realize they ain't as fast as they thought !

Meet The Telequartzer Guitar

There probably were some esoteric considerations behind the making of this Telecaster transformed into a Telequartzer guitar ! Overall

They Say Guitar Has a Feminine Body Shape…

Kozm guitars took it way too literally !! This guitar not only has a feminine body shape but it also has nipples, and a clit !! This guitar by Jeff Kosmoski aka Kozm Guitars is the SB-3. This is the first design he came up with using 3D CAD solid-modeling programs....

Dreamland Guitar

Dreamland is the actual name of the guitar. Let's put the art aside - some may like it, some may not - but what's with the pickups placement !? Aesthetic choice, probably. But it only gets better when you look at the back of the guitar... The Dreamland guitar seems to...

Shredding with Style: The Killer Drill Guitar from the 80s Slasher Classic

Who needs guitar solos when you can unleash a power drill solo instead? Imagine the faces in the crowd as you unleash the drilling fury upon unsuspecting ears!

Les Paul Justin Bieber Signature?

At least the portrait is more realistic than the Stratocaster Beyoncé Signature !

Unleash Your Inner Veggie with the Kabson Cabbage Guitar

The Kabson cabbage guitar has to be the future of guitar design, a leafy green revolution and maybe the way to a healthier you !

Roto-Neck Guitar

The Roberts Roto-neck electric Guitar is a rare and crazy invention ! I wonder how hard is it to use ? Developed by inventor Curt Roberts and his artist wife, Elizabeth, this guitar features a multi-sided neck that provides players with a variety of alternative tuning...

The Weirdest Strat Ever ?

Apparently made by the firm Grassroots by ESP


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A Tip From Kiss : How to Profit from Trashed Guitars ?

This Gibson Marauder was smashed on stage by Paul Stanley. It is obviously unplayable. But what most of us would see as a disaster, Kiss guys see as a way to make money. The guitar was signed on the back of the neck, and was sold as memorabilia for $2,109.98. Who says...

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