Chua Churam Pink Bat Guitar

I guess it is just unplayable. That's why you never build a guitar after a manga or whatever this Chu x Chu Idol is !

Too Much Pickguard Material?

You're customizing your acoustic guitar. Say you want to add a pickguard because it will protect your guitar, and it will look cool. You proceed. You sculpt the coolest shape you can. Obviously, you'll screw the pickguard because glue is overrated. And then you think...

Unleash Your Inner Veggie with the Kabson Cabbage Guitar

The Kabson cabbage guitar has to be the future of guitar design, a leafy green revolution and maybe the way to a healthier you !

I’ve Been Hypnotized For 2 Hours by This Guitar

Really... Clic the picture for a larger view then stare at it ! Bye Bye... See ya in 2 hours! The guitar is a Charvel that was exhibited at NAMM 2010 next to a Clockwork Orange movie label ! Source


Got to be a perv to play that creepy one ! The Girl Guitar is a vintage mannequin transformed into an electric guitar made by Lou Reimuller in 1986.

The Alpaca “Go-Anywhere Adventure” Guitar

Yeah, it can go anywhere as long as it is far away from me ! via update : It appears that Alpaca Guitars experienced some difficulties with supplying their initial kickstarter investors with their promised Alpaca guitars. As a result, they are no longer producing or...

Horn-y for Music: The Guitar that Stands Out… in More Ways Than One!

This guitar knows exactly what it’s doing, bringing both form and function into a design that’s a tad risqué, a lot cheeky, and 100% unforgettable.

Gibson SG Eden of Coronet… Really ?

“All along we’ve been striving to expand our business to different sectors of the consumer market and ‘Eden of CORONET®’ is definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve.” Consumer market ? Milestone ? Really ? REALLY ? The SG Eden of Coronet is a...

How Weird it is ?

Too weird for me ! This guitar has some mushy squishy quality that definitely makes it look like it escaped from some David Cronenberg's nightmare. Source

Is This Some Sort of Modern Art ?

Go home guitar, you're drunk ! This Stratocaster is probably made for guitarists who like to be different...and confused. Unless it is a very confusing variation for left-handed guitar players. Anyway, it seems a little bit challenging !


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