I Don’t Want to Know Where is the Jack on This Guitar

In case your guitar solos needed a little touch of silk and lace, look no further... Electric Babes guitars might be for you. Find more of these lingerie guitars at Electric Babes.

That Bigsby is Confusing !

Must be the work of a Hendrix / SRV fan working at the assembly line ! We are quite sure that it's not the best setting for a Bigsby ! Based on the Bigsby and the upside down G, this guitar is most probably a knock-off of the Gretsch G6120 Eddie Cochran signature with...

Frankenstein’s Monster had a Rough Halloween Jam

Looks like Frankenstein's been rockin' out a little too hard and now he's paying the price on that guitar. Makes you wonder about Frankenstein's guitar skills, right? I guess his guitar game is strong, but I bet his solos are a little stiff! Anyway, the guitar is the...

Is It a Punk Guitar or S&M Guitar ?

Yeah I know it is supposed to be a punk guitar but come on ! It has spikes, chains, straps and red flashy leather... It's S&M !

This is an ESP, is it ?

Just in case you didn't remember which brand it is. I like the ESP URL too ! Next step, put a QR Code and let's roll... Well, in case you're still wondering... This is an ESP Flag 30th anniversary guitar. It has an alder body, and a maple neck with a rosewood...

Chua Churam Pink Bat Guitar

I guess it is just unplayable. That's why you never build a guitar after a manga or whatever this Chu x Chu Idol is !

The Ultimate Warmoth Custom ?

The ZZ Zulu Warlord is a unique furry monster guitar that was found on Craigslist. The Zulu Warlord guitar is covered in deerskin hide and has steer horns, giving it this wild and ferocious, yet funny appearance. As an added touch, the volume and tone knobs are sheep...

Worst Heart-Shaped Guitar ?

It's Valentine's day, so here is a guitar that combines the romance of a heart-shaped guitar with the deadly accuracy of an arrow. The perfect guitar for Cupid's next gig. Custom-made, heart-shaped guitar crafted by a former student of instrument fabrication at...

Not Your Typical Acoustic Guitar

I love Gretsch guitars but this G5034TFT Rancher dreadnought with a Bigsby vibrato, and a Fideli'Tron™ pickup is a bit too much... Yet, I wish I could give it a try. Obviously !

Pizza Box Guitar… But Where is the Olive ?

Promotional guitars are not that rare. The Original Grandiosa Metal Guitar is a one-of-a-kind instrument though. Why shape it like a pizza box and not like a pizza ? It certainly is to make sure to turn heads. Once your eyes are on it, you can't escape from the huge...


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