Have you ever gazed upon a guitar and pondered the mysteries of the universe? Or, more specifically, the mysteries of “creative” restringing techniques? Let’s dive into a guitar that’s pushing the boundaries of string theory to its limits.

We’ve all heard of thinking outside the box, but what about stringing outside the bridge?

Nuts, knots and strings, oh my… This guitar’s taking stringing to new heights!

Five strings are wound around the saddles, passed through their own ball ends as if they’ve decided to adopt a new yoga position. Zen and the art of guitar maintenance, perhaps?

Then, we behold the low E string, where ingenuity takes a sharp turn into the realm of “uh, what?” A height adjustment screw has been ousted in favor of the string’s own knotty rebellion. It’s like the string took a look at the saddle and said, “I’m too big for this rodeo.”

Pretty sure the person behind this low E string mounting read some words of wisdom from the sages of the six-string – aka Guitar Fail’s motivational quote from Instagram (just because it’s parodic doesn’t mean it’s not wisdom)When you reach the end of your guitar string, tie a knot in it and crank it to eleven. Truly, a mantra for the ages, and one this guitar embodies with every fiber of its steel strings. That’s the only reasonable explanation for this low E string conondrum, right?

To the maverick maestro behind this unorthodox setup, we salute your pioneering spirit. In a world of standard stringing, you’ve gone the road less traveled (and more knotted). Anyway, it’s not about how you string your guitar; it’s about the music you make with it—though a little tuning stability never hurt anyone.

Keep on knotting, keep on rocking, and may your riffs always be as bold as your stringing methods.

Guitar Fail
Guitar Fail

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