This one was quietly sitting in our Guitar Fail archive, waiting to be dissected (yes because cut in half was not enough). This Precision Bass comes from the Reverb marketplace… Don’t run you little bass hoarder, this piece of gear has sold for a while now! It is described as “a weird unique shape P Bass, with a cool surf green color, bass is very very heavy, bass play and sounds good”

Weird unique shape, no kidding? Weird unique shape Precision Bass as in butchered P Bass for some reason?

Why on Earth Would You Do That to a Bass?

Yup! That’s what we want to know! Why? As is, it is described as “very very heavy”… Maybe the original P bass was very very very very heavy (twice heavier then) before it went under the seesaw? And this was performed as an extreme weight relief procedure? Or maybe it broke in a violent stage accident, and someone thought of the basic Lavoisier principle: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”?

Well, good sense was lost, and something—a monstrosity—was created. At least it’s a transformation… Lavoisier, and his principle are safe.

Could there be another (good) reason for why it was made?

Maybe they thought they’d invented a new genre of minimalist bass playing where half the instrument means half the effort? That would make sense, right?

Did someone have an epiphany that surf green and half a bass would somehow solve the mysteries of the universe? Because, let’s face it, 42 can’t be the answer but this bass could! C’mon, a little help here, we are searching for good reasons!

And then there’s the price tag!

$250! This thing was sold for $250! At least they refinished it pretty well, right? I mean, if you’re going to butcher a bass (or a guitar), you might as well slap a coat of surf green on it to soothe the wounds. You know, we’ve seen that before with that DIY Cort traveler guitar… Always add a touch of paint red, blue, surf green or whatever, just add some paint on the fresh cuts!

So, to the brave soul who saw this bass, pondered its half-life existence, and still shelled out $250—we salute your adventurous spirit. May your bass lines be ever peculiar and your curiosity never fully sated.

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