If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a guitar and a Klingon Bird of Prey had a love child, wonder no more. The Kramer Triax is here to answer that very question in the most galactic way possible.

This axe looks like it’s ready to go to battle in the far reaches of space, or at least steal the show at your next gig. That’s if you can play it because it doesn’t look very practical!

The Star Trek Connection

The Kramer Triax is one bizarre guitar design created by Floyd Rose, yes, the genius engineer behind the famous locking tremolo system. This guitar made its debut at the 1986 NAMM event before being showcased at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Its unique body shape is inspired by the popular sci-fi series. Most probably drawing inspiration from one of the many Klingon ships. Along with another Star Trek-inspired Kramer guitar called the Enterprize, it was displayed at NAMM. The museum-displayed 1986 Kramer Triax is currently valued at around $10,000.

Limited information is available regarding the Kramer Triax specs – it is equipped with a Floyd Rose bridge, two humbucking pickups, a three-way switch – but one thing is certain: it’s eye-catching!

What Was Floyd Rose Thinking?

So what might have been going through Floyd Rose’s mind when he decided to design such a guitar? Here are a few theories:

  1. “Captain’s Log: Make It So!” Floyd wanted a guitar that would make Captain Kirk proud.
  2. “Klingon Battle Ready.” Because every guitarist should be prepared for interstellar warfare.
  3. “Spock’s Logical Choice.” For the musician who needs a guitar as logical and precise as a Vulcan.
  4. “Warp Speed Shredding.” To ensure his solos could break the sound barrier and the space-time continuum, all at once.
  5. “Phasers Set to Rock.” Because you never know when you might need to stun an audience!

The Final Frontier

In any case, the Kramer Triax is like the USS Enterprise of guitars—boldly going where no guitar has gone before. There probably was a reason for not going there but who cares. The Triax is more than just an instrument; it’s a quirky blend of sci-fi flair, heavy metal spirit, and a healthy dose of “what the heck is that?”

Picture this: you’re on stage, and your guitar looks like it could launch photon torpedoes. The crowd doesn’t just hear your music; they feel like they’re part of a cosmic adventure. I don’t know for you but I wouldn’t settle for ordinary when I could shred with something that looks like it came straight out of a Starfleet engineering room! Plus, wouldn’t that be a great addition to a Star Trek themed band featuring a bass player playing this Blindworm Guitars Trekkie’s fantasy and a second guitarist with this Klingon sextoy-ish p’takh of a guitar?

So next time you pick up your boring six-string, ask yourself: do you want to play it safe, or do you want to channel your inner space explorer, and take your sound to the final frontier? Engage!

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