A body shaped like a Klingon Bird of Prey, and a headstock shaped like the Enterprise ? That bass is for the Trekkies !

Warning : Don’t wear that red shirt to play this bass or it’ll vaporize you !

I’m not sure if this bass is for playing music or for taking over the galaxy, but either way, it’s impressive. If you’re looking for a bass that will intimidate your band mates and make your audience question their own reality, this is the one for you. It even has those multi-colored Neon strings to make it look like they fired their weapons. 

Live long and jam on!

In the interest of full disclosure, the link to the Neon strings is an affiliate link. So if you do decide to upgrade your bass to be more out of this world : 1/ The author of this post is not responsible for any intergalactic battles or vanishing audience members that may result from using these strings; and 2/ the author may receive a small commission for referring you. Just think of it as a way of supporting their ongoing mission to bring you the best in off-beat and quirky musical instruments.

This bass was made by Blindworm Guitars. Blindworm Guitars is the creation of Andrew Scott, whose passion for creating unique and organic designs is reflected in his instruments.

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