Crazy Pickguard

That pickguard is puzzling ! It manages to make ugly an otherwise nice Rickenbacker bass guitar. Particularly the twisted mustache under the control knobs. Shared by Misha on Guitar Fail Facebook page Enregistrer

Chewbacca Had Intercourse With a Guitar…

... And this is their love child !

Ibanez JERM Signature

Introducing the JERM, the guitar that will take the music world by storm! This unique instrument is the brainchild of luthier Tim, who set out to create a guitar that not only sounded great but also had a sense of humor. And boy, did he deliver! The JERM pays homage...

C-3PO Guitar

Ready for Shred Wars ? This is C-3PO action figure carrying case from Star Wars repurposed as a functional electric guitar with a Behringer neck. The case still opens and talks, with C-3PO saying three different phrases. That last feature must be so annoying ! C-3PO's...

Who Wants To Play the Panjo ?

If it doesn't sound great, you can still fry some eggs and bacon in this frying pan banjo.

The Most Annoying Christmas Gift ? A Guitar Shaped Like Santa Claus !

A guitar shaped like Santa and a built-in speaker. Let’s hope it doesn’t have a “ho ho ho” button to put that speaker to use !

Worst Headstock Ever ?

This rather ugly headstock belongs to a Gibson 7 string steel semi-acoustic guitar. Only three of these guitars were hand-built in the 90s by luthier Roger Giffin when he worked for the Gibson Custom Shop. This guitar has such heavy-gauged strings on the bass side...

Who Knew That Picasso was a Luthier ?

I wouldn't want to be the one to tell it it's out of tune. The guitar looks like it is ready to eat all your fingers and sing you a scary tune at the same time. If Pablo Picasso was a guitar maker, I am pretty sure he would have build guitars like this spooky one......

Snake Guitar

Impressive skills but carved guitars always make me smile... This custom shop ESP Snake 2 from makes no exception.

Chua Churam Pink Bat Guitar

I guess it is just unplayable. That's why you never build a guitar after a manga or whatever this Chu x Chu Idol is !


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