Is it a Stratocaster from Outer Space ?

Is it some weird spaceship ? Is it a Stratocaster from outer space ? It looks like a Stratocaster went on a UFO ride and came back with some extra-terrestrial flair. The aliens must have been rockin' out to some Jimi Hendrix before they landed on Earth. No matter...

Meet The Telequartzer Guitar

There probably were some esoteric considerations behind the making of this Telecaster transformed into a Telequartzer guitar ! Overall

Lazy Luthier !

That's the kind of guitars I would build if I were to be a luthier ! Why bother carving wood ? Luckily, this guitar does not exist. It is a an imaginary guitar found here.

Unleash Your Inner Veggie with the Kabson Cabbage Guitar

The Kabson cabbage guitar has to be the future of guitar design, a leafy green revolution and maybe the way to a healthier you !

The Amoeba: Bo Diddley’s DIY Guitar Extravaganza!

Bo Diddley’s Amoeba guitar truly is an out-of-this-world guitar. That’s right, Bo Diddley once built this odd guitar that can play CDs

Apple Now Building Guitars

And now I'm hungry ! I just hope it doesn't turn brown and mushy when you play it for too long.

A Guitar for the Music Reader, Not the Tab Tinkerer?

Let’s face it, that should’ve been a tablature, given how most of us guitarists read music like we read the terms and conditions – we don’t.

Cupcakes on a Guitar… Yummy !

Wait, WHAT ? These are not cupcakes shaped knobs ? I don't know about you but whatever these are, I'm not sure I want to be licking my guitar knobs, even if they do look that delicious. Looks like a recipe for a sticky mess.

Too Much Pickguard Material?

You're customizing your acoustic guitar. Say you want to add a pickguard because it will protect your guitar, and it will look cool. You proceed. You sculpt the coolest shape you can. Obviously, you'll screw the pickguard because glue is overrated. And then you think...

Twisted Guitar

If someone has an explanation for this... Update : This twisted guitar was made by Mark Grimbly. The nickname of this guitar - that seems inspired by Hetfields ESP Snakebyte - is Salli as in SALvador DaLI. It makes sense !


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A Tip From Kiss : How to Profit from Trashed Guitars ?

A Tip From Kiss : How to Profit from Trashed Guitars ?

This Gibson Marauder was smashed on stage by Paul Stanley. It is obviously unplayable. But what most of us would see as a disaster, Kiss guys see as a way to make money. The guitar was signed on the back of the neck, and was sold as memorabilia for $2,109.98. Who says...

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