Dreamland Guitar

Dreamland is the actual name of the guitar. Let's put the art aside - some may like it, some may not - but what's with the pickups placement !? Aesthetic choice, probably. But it only gets better when you look at the back of the guitar... The Dreamland guitar seems to...

Is It a Punk Guitar or S&M Guitar ?

Yeah I know it is supposed to be a punk guitar but come on ! It has spikes, chains, straps and red flashy leather... It's S&M !

Casio EG-5 Cassette Guitar

The Casio EG-5 electric guitar from the 80s is a plastic-bodied six-string with a built-in stereo cassette recorder, amp and speaker. It sure looks like the perfect way to show everyone that you're a guitar player in the '80s but stuck in the future. Or the other way...

This Guitar is a Workhorse

Am I the only to see a dick-shaped cantle ? Salt River Baritone guitar by Fish Guitar - Source

Dragon Guitar

Well, here is another proof that Dragons & Guitars don’t imx well, but still there is always someone to try ! I get it you want to practice your dragon scales to fire up your guitar playing ! I hate to break the news to you but dragon scales are too rough for your...

ESPerm Guitar

I would be afraid to see baby riffs coming out of this insemination guitar ! Not sure if this guitar is meant to be played or used as a biology lesson. Custom painted ESP ? "Are you ready to rock ?" he shouts to the crowd "Yeaaaah" cheers the crowd "Are your ready to...

Baked Potato Guitar

You never know ! With all these baked maple fretboards and stuff maybe we'll see more of this kind of guitars in the future ! Baked Potato guitar - Source Musical Harvest Guitars was founded in 1993 by Doug Ranno to combine his passion for music, guitars, and the...

Gibson SG Eden of Coronet… Really ?

“All along we’ve been striving to expand our business to different sectors of the consumer market and ‘Eden of CORONET®’ is definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve.” Consumer market ? Milestone ? Really ? REALLY ? The SG Eden of Coronet is a...

The Wollerman Monster Guitar

Read the full story of the Wollerman Monster Guitars, told by the builder Mark Wollerman - Source So a customer came to Wollerman's shop one day in search of something crazy and different. So he requested a unique design. Wollerman took a few days to come up with the...

Dragons & Guitars Don’t Mix Well !

Nope... They really don't ! Especially when you try mix a double dragon with a guitar ! The only maybe enjoyable thing, so to speak, is the headstock. One blade on each side, and you've got yourself a nice slicing machine ! Double Dragon guitar - Source


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