This celestial wonder that is the Sun & Moon Guitar is a project so baffling, it was “donated” to a local store, where it hangs as permanent wall art. And you know what?

It’s probably all for the best. You don’t want to know what would happen if a set of fresh strings went on it! Let this guitar embrace its bright future as wall art or as a dartboard.

The guitar made from the stars, and maybe a toilet seat cover? Source

Let’s answer some burning questions about this masterpiece.

What should we call this guitar?

Though the Sun & Moon suits it well, we can’t help but think it deserves a more inspiring name. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Solar Serenader – Because it’s not just any guitar; it’s a cosmic instrument!
  • The Lunar Strummer – For those midnight jam sessions under the stars, howling at the moon.
  • The Galactic Gigster – Ready to take your music to new, interstellar heights.
  • The Sunburst Symphony – An homage to its radiant design not to its rather crude finish.
  • The Eclipse Enchanter – Because it’s both light and dark, day and night, sun and moon… Playable and not playable? Nay this last proposition would make it a Schrödinger Strat!

Now, let’s ponder on its origin. By the look of it, it was probably not made by a player… Unless, it was a player who didn’t care about comfort! But hey, who says guitars can’t be avant-garde art instead of functional instruments?

One final question…

How much would you pay for this guitar?

Imagine you run into it in the pawn shop (it can”t be anywhere else), how much would you pay to take it back home? Here are some price points to consider:

  • $0.99 – Because it’s practically a thrift store find!
  • $42 – The answer to life, the universe, and everything… including this guitar.
  • $100 in Monopoly money – For a guitar that’s as real as a plastic hotel on Boardwalk.
  • Your soul under a full moon – Because it’s worth every ounce of lunar energy.
  • A bag of Cheetos and a high five – The true currency of the jam room economy.

Alas, this guitar is not for sale. It’s destined to be a permanent piece of wall art, a conversation starter, and perhaps, one day, the centerpiece of a cosmic jam session.

This Sun and Moon Guitar is more than just an instrument. It’s a testament to human creativity (and perhaps a little bit of madness). It reminds us that sometimes, the sky’s the limit—literally! It’s also a reminder that the best projects are the ones that make us scratch our heads and laugh. And who knows? Maybe one day, this celestial beauty will inspire a whole new genre of space rock!

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