Have you heard of Vevie Ray Staughan? No? Well, now you do ! This guitar is truly a masterpiece of confusion.

A left-handed copy of the Fender Stratocaster SRV signature that has a VRS sticker on the pickguard instead of the famous Stevie Ray Vaughan’s SRV ! I mean, why bother with accuracy when you can just slap a few letters together and hope for the best? Who cares if it’s not the right initials? VRS, SRV, it’s all just alphabet soup, right?

I can only imagine the confusion this guitar causes. People probably see the VRS sticker and think, “Oh, that must be the Vevie Ray Staughan signature model”. And then they pick it up and realize that it’s just a knockoff.

But hey, who needs authenticity when you can have a sticker that’s almost right? It’s like that time I ordered a turkey sandwich and got a chicken sandwich instead. Close enough, right?

You can find this almost-SRV signature model you’ve never heard of, and never knew you needed on Ebay !

Hey, just a heads up, if you buy this VRS guitar through the link above, I may earn a small commission. And by small, I mean like a penny, which will barely cover the cost of the sticker to correct the misspelling of Vevie Ray Staughan’s name on the pickguard.

The Almost-SRV Signature Model You Never Knew You Needed – Source

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