Dive into the depths of the guitar ocean, and you just might find the catchiest catch of all: a guitar that’s less about the strings and more about the swimming. Say hello to this emoji-esque goldfish guitar, complete with sunglasses, which made a splash at NAMM 2005. Pepperidge Farm wanted to commemorate their snackable Goldfish crackers, and voilà…

A fin-tastic Pignose Gold Fish guitar. We know you want it as much as we do! Too bad it was a limited run.

Fins and sunglasses… Now that’s a guitar that’s swimming in style! Source

Now, let’s ponder for a moment about the kind of band that would rock this piscatorial piece. Picture this: a surf rock ensemble with a twist, where every riff comes with a side of swish. Or perhaps a band that only plays sea shanties, where the goldfish guitar’s neck protrudes from the genre itself.

And style? This guitar is all about the “swim and pick,” a genre so new and so niche it’s literally just been invented. It’s for the player who knows that while fish might not have ears, they sure know how to make waves.

But wait, there’s more in this sea of musical marine life. Remember the fishy bass guitar? At least, the Gold Fish’s neck sticks out of the fish’s nose not its butt. I don’t know why it is better but it is! Now, imagine that bass and this goldfish guitar together, and you’ve got an aquarium of sound that’s sure to tip the scales. All we need now is a shellfish drumkit and voilà!

Speaking of animal-inspired guitars, wouldn’t this goldfish be a perfect addition to our 7 Animal-Inspired Guitars That Will Leave You Howling with Laughter list ? It’s one more way to show that sometimes, the wildest wildlife isn’t in the jungle; it’s jamming on stage.

In the end, the goldfish guitar may not be your typical instrument, and it may not churn out the usual tunes. But it’s a reminder that sometimes, the best music comes from taking the bait and swimming against the current.

Keep on strumming, sea lovers, and let your music gill… I mean, fill the room!

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