Dragon Guitar

Well, here is another proof that Dragons & Guitars don’t imx well, but still there is always someone to try ! I get it you want to practice your dragon scales to fire up your guitar playing ! I hate to break the news to you but dragon scales are too rough for your...

Guitar or Sea Monster? The Confusing Creation That Nobody Wants to Talk About!

When I first saw this guitar, it made think of a sea creature. It's like the designer said, "You know what would be great? If we combined a fish, or some sort of aquatic creature, and a guitar to confuse the hell out of everyone." I think this guitar is trying to tell...

Les Paul Justin Bieber Signature?

At least the portrait is more realistic than the Stratocaster Beyoncé Signature !

Yet Another Weird Guitar Headstock

Am I counting right ? There are 5 strings ? If someone has information about this guitar, we're interested to hear it ! Update : This Gibson guitar is not a guitar ! Duh ! This is a 5-strings Mandolin. Most probably one of the two prototypes of the Rock 'n' Roll...


Why settle for a boring old Strat guitar shape when you can play a Stratocowster and really stand out in the herd. Pretty sure the Stratocowster is an a-moo-sing guitar to play country moo-sic !

Crazy Pickguard

That pickguard is puzzling ! It manages to make ugly an otherwise nice Rickenbacker bass guitar. Particularly the twisted mustache under the control knobs. Shared by Misha on Guitar Fail Facebook page Enregistrer

Like a Guitar in the Wind

This Ibanez Biz Moon - yup that's her name - is as incredibly rare as it is incredibly funny to watch. The Ibanez 1966 Biz Moon is an incredibly rare guitar that is prized by collectors. The Bizarre series "Biz Moon" is one of the rarest Ibanez guitars out from Japan....

I Don’t Want to Know Where is the Jack on This Guitar

In case your guitar solos needed a little touch of silk and lace, look no further... Electric Babes guitars might be for you. Find more of these lingerie guitars at Electric Babes.

Who Wants Pepperoni With Their Guitar ?

Pizza seems to be an endless inspiration for guitar makers... Remember the ESPizza or the Grandiosa pizza guitar? I guess that's the perfect match for those of you searching for that crusty tone ! Obviously, it was a promotional item for Pizza Hut. Only three of these...

The Best Guitar (Han) Solo Ever !!

That's pure Star Wars fanatics material !! It's actually pretty awesome !! Music teacher Travis Stevens was commissioned to build a one-of-a-kind Han Solo in Carbonite guitar. The guitar's rectangular shape was inspired by the Bo Diddley signature Gretsch 'Twang...


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This is NOT a Guitar !

Ok ! The simple fact that a quadriplegic man can move his fingers to use a video game controller is awesome news ! But still... This is NOT a guitar, dammit !

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The Wollerman Monster Guitar

The Wollerman Monster Guitar

Read the full story of the Wollerman Monster Guitars, told by the builder Mark Wollerman - Source So a customer came to Wollerman's shop one day in search of...

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Experimental Acoustic Guitar

Experimental Acoustic Guitar

Experimental Guitar - Source This very strange experimental acoustic guitar is the work of highly acclaimed luthier William Laskin. Still, I couldn't help but...

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Casio EG-5 Cassette Guitar

Casio EG-5 Cassette Guitar

The Casio EG-5 electric guitar from the 80s is a plastic-bodied six-string with a built-in stereo cassette recorder, amp and speaker. It sure looks like the...

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Kock Centaur Pedal

Kock Centaur Pedal

The Kock pedal: because you can't afford the real Klon Centaur, but you can still pretend you're playing through a piece of gear that's not a cheap clone. Who...

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