Shonky Graffiti One Guitar

What a weird guitar seen on ebay... That's a confusing one because I want to give props to the builder for building an original guitar but I also want to take a jigsaw and rectify the shape of the body and the headstock !!

Worst Headstock Ever ?

This rather ugly headstock belongs to a Gibson 7 string steel semi-acoustic guitar. Only three of these guitars were hand-built in the 90s by luthier Roger Giffin when he worked for the Gibson Custom Shop. This guitar has such heavy-gauged strings on the bass side...

Cadillac Billy Bo

Considering it's not even a Gretsch Billy Bo (Sometimes Guitar Fail fails at identifying some axes) and it's more likely to be a modified Duesenberg with a Billy-Bo-ish back ! Simple math : Gretsch Billy-Bo = NICE |Cadillac = NICE Cadillac + Billy-Bo = Meh !

Who Knew That Picasso was a Luthier ?

I wouldn't want to be the one to tell it it's out of tune. The guitar looks like it is ready to eat all your fingers and sing you a scary tune at the same time. If Pablo Picasso was a guitar maker, I am pretty sure he would have build guitars like this spooky one......

Ibanez JERM Signature

Introducing the JERM, the guitar that will take the music world by storm! This unique instrument is the brainchild of luthier Tim, who set out to create a guitar that not only sounded great but also had a sense of humor. And boy, did he deliver! The JERM pays homage...

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Guitar

Don't you think a Route 69 guitar would be more ergonomic and enjoyable ?

Roach Lapsteel

Probably not the easiest bodyshape to play either as a standard guitar or a lapsteel guitar. Good craftmanship though ! The roach lap steel is built around the salvaged neck off a Yamaha acoustic guitar. The body, wings and legs are yellow pine. It has one humbucker...

Cupcakes on a Guitar… Yummy !

Wait, WHAT ? These are not cupcakes shaped knobs ? I don't know about you but whatever these are, I'm not sure I want to be licking my guitar knobs, even if they do look that delicious. Looks like a recipe for a sticky mess.

Bud Dry Company Axe

This guitar was handed to the band, FOC, when a sponsorship from Budweiser was granted to support their US tours. It was a valuable sponsorship as they were provided with financial support, strings, pics, and an unlimited supply of beer. And no, it did not have to be...

Flying Y Guitar !!

These guitars made from recycled carbon-fiber frames of bikes which is kinda cool but don't try to play beyond the 12th fret ! Don't even think about it ! Jacob Chapman, from Bend, Oregon, ingeniously turned carbon-fiber frame of a Trek Y bike into a guitar. He calls...


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A Tip From Kiss : How to Profit from Trashed Guitars ?

This Gibson Marauder was smashed on stage by Paul Stanley. It is obviously unplayable. But what most of us would see as a disaster, Kiss guys see as a way to make money. The guitar was signed on the back of the neck, and was sold as memorabilia for $2,109.98. Who says...

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