I Don’t Want to Know Where is the Jack on This Guitar

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  1. Nope. I don’t get it. While it might not be to my taste, there is not the slightest element of “fail” to this one IMO.

    • Come on Dave… Just imagine where the jack could be on this one !! 🙂

      Well… Let’s be “serious” once here… I think we already chatted about this on Guitar Fail Facebook page maybe not with you though… Guitar Fail is a lot about “fail” in this little area we love so much which is the guitar but it is even more about having fun, making fun of guitar things, uncovering the wackiest guitar things. Let’s say this one falls into the wacky side of things…

      Besides, I think that Guitar Fail is even funnier if it sometimes fails, right ? 🙂

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