Some concepts are so utterly outlandish that they loop right back around to sheer genius. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to the pedal platform signal chain—a concept so preposterous that it turns out to be brilliant. Guitar enthusiasts and fashionistas alike might be doing a double-take.

Kudos to Jordan Carroll at Our Lady of Static for this strum of genius that lets you wear your effects literally, though not functionally. This, my friends, is the apex of music-adjacent shenanigans (as Jordan Carroll describes his OLOS side hustle). Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve; Wear your tone on your chest!

Let’s face it, a pedal necklace is more than an accessory; it’s a statement that says, “I’m in tune with fashion and fuzz.”

But why stop there? How could we push the envelope a little further? What could be next in this extraordinary category of guitar-adjacent shenanigans? As you know, here at Guitar Fail we’ve been focused on conjuring up T-shirts for guitar nerds in need of a giggle. But sometimes the mind wanders to what other whimsical wonders could be dreamt up. Not sure that we should be but let’s not shy away from these musings; rather, let’s riff on the possibilities, crank the dial up to eleven and see where our imaginations take us.

Here are a few playful brainwaves… How about a whammy bar belt? It would let you adjust your waistline with a flick of the wrist, dive bomb into dessert, or pull up for a generous encore serving. Or perhaps strap lock suspenders that will never let you—or your pants—down in the middle of a solo. You know because while we haven’t witnessed many on-stage pants-plummets, it’s always best to be prepared! And let’s not overlook fretboard finger gloves, equipping your digits with mini frets and strings for those moments when a handshake could become an impromptu jam session. Wouldn’t it be cool that every handshake is a chance to shred.

Yes, maybe we should stick to our T-shirt shenanigans for now. After all, not every riff leads to a rock anthem, but who knows? In the playful playground of guitar accessories, even the wackiest ideas might just strike the right chord!

In this new era of guitar-adjacent extravagance, the line between stage wear and streetwear is as fuzzy as a vintage Big Muff pedal. One thing’s for sure: when it comes to expressing your love for the six-string, there are no boundaries—only the next encore. Rock on with your bad self, and accessorize accordingly!

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