Introducing the JERM, the guitar that will take the music world by storm!

This unique instrument is the brainchild of luthier Tim, who set out to create a guitar that not only sounded great but also had a sense of humor. And boy, did he deliver!

The JERM pays homage to Steve Vai’s iconic JEM guitar, with its sleek, ergonomic design. But where the JEM has a solid paint job, the JERM has a Petri dish finish, complete with colorful bacterial colonies. You read that right, this guitar is literally covered in germs!

But don’t worry, it’s all for show and the guitar has been modified to prevent any real bacterial growth.

At first glance, the JERM may seem like a joke, and it is ! But it’s no laughing matter when it comes to its performance. This guitar is a versatile beast, able to handle everything from smooth jazz to heavy metal, and all the dirty shades of music in-between.

But the JERM’s real party trick is its petri dish finish. It’s a hit at parties and gatherings, with people crowding around just to get a closer look at the colonies. Some even go as far as to bring a microscope to inspect the colonies closer, making it an instant conversation starter.

The Ibanez JERM is a must-have for any musician who wants to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. So, whether you’re playing a gig at a local bar or just jamming in your living room, the Ibanez JERM is the perfect guitar for you.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, with the JERM by your side, you’re guaranteed to go viral!

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