Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer could use this guitar to spice up things a little… Or maybe not ! One thing for sure, the Sweet and Hot Peppers guitar has more varieties than a Chipotle menu. But can it plays as hot as it looks ?

The Sweet and Hot Peppers by Fish Guitar – Source

The Sweet and Hot Peppers guitar is crafted from a single piece of white ash wood that had grown on the Ohio University campus for over 200 years. The body of the guitar is adorned with carvings of various types of peppers, including habanero, Hungarian wax, jalapeño, poblano, sweet red, and a few other fiery varieties.

The guitar features a 3-piece maple and mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, inlaid with mother of pearl and processed abalone. The inlays include onion, garlic, tomato and cilantro.

The hardware of this guitar is made of Wilkinson combination bridge tailpiece, Golden Age humbucking pickups, sealed Gotoh tuners and a 3-way selector switch with master tone and volume controls. The paint is acrylic and the clear coat is water-based varnish.

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