Strap yourself in for a Stratocaster that’s flipping the script on conventional pickup configurations. The theory goes that slanting pickups alters the tone—shifting its brightness or warmth. Whether this holds any sonic truth or remains audiophile lore is still up for spirited debate.

Sporting not just one, but two dramatically slanted middle pickups, this Strat takes the concept to extremes. It doesn’t stop there—it boasts three separate outputs. This guitar isn’t just picking up vibrations; it’s capturing your puzzled expressions too.

Two Middles, Three Jacks, Infinite Possibilities! Source

Let’s muse over this configuration, shall we?

The logical guess is that one pickup targets the lower three strings while the other zeroes in on the higher three. Then, perhaps there’s a standard output, with each uniquely angled pickup having its own dedicated output. This allows for running each through separate signal chains—an intriguing, albeit slightly chaotic, prospect.

It’s a fascinating idea despite its rough execution. A crisp, new pickguard could have really polished it up.

But hey, that’s just aesthetics. Let’s fantasize about the sonic journey from the gritty growl of the lower strings to the angelic choir of the higher ones, as if a otherworldly stereo phaser were in play. Or envision a scenario where each pickup echoes through its own time-space continuum, much like a dual delay from outerspace.

Too bad they stopped there. Picture a fourth output jack, granting each pickup its own voice for a truly polyphonic performance. It would be perfect for the indecisive musician. It would not be for the rock, blues, or jazz normies. It would be for the adventurer, the experimenter, the pioneer, the tinkerer… In other words, the musical alchemist stirring up a sonic storm.

In conclusion, this Strat proclaims that in the music world, more is more, and there’s always room for one more mod, one more effect, and certainly one more output jack.

So keep strumming and tweaking, but seriously, consider upgrading to a custom pickguard. A fresh face can make all the difference!

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