You know what’s better than a regular PRS Silver Sky John Mayer signature guitar? One that Carlos Santana once owned and tested, of course. And what’s even better than that? One that’s affectionately known as the “Magic” model because of a little inscription on the inside of the pickguard.

Yes, that’s right folks, this “Magic” PRS Silver Sky is up for sale on Reverb for the low, low price of 60,000€ ~ $69,221 (it started at 75,000€ ~ $86,526). Because who wouldn’t want to pay that much for a guitar that was never even owned by John Mayer himself?

But wait, it gets better. This Silver Sky is a prototype that was distributed to Santana in 2017 before the guitar’s official release in 2018, because apparently PRS just had to get Santana’s personal feedback on the prospective model. Because when I think of John Mayer’s signature guitar, the first person that comes to mind is Carlos Santana.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to fork over your life savings for this guitar, just remember that it’s the “birth, the mother, and blueprint of all the others that were built”. Which is great news if you’re in the market for a guitar that’s identical to every other Silver Sky out there.

But hey, at least Mayer himself hopes that all Silver Skys will be “magic”, so I’m sure this one is no exception. And who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find some “magic wood” on this guitar. But probably not.

Listen, folks, I know you’re all probably thinking about clicking on that link above to buy the “Magic” Silver Sky prototype guitar for $69,000. But let me tell you something – I’m not getting a cut of that sale. Nope, Guitar Fail haven’t been accepted into Reverb’s affiliate program, so you can click away without worrying about putting any money in our pocket.
I mean, if you want to spend almost $70,000 on a guitar that was once owned by Carlos Santana and has the word “Magic” written on the pickguard, be my guest. I’ll just be here, shaking my head and wondering what the world is coming to. I betcha never read such a weird disclaimer, right ?

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