Is this a must-read book ? I don’t know but the pitch is sure quite intriguing ! Failing to Fracture – Learning King Crimson’s Impossible Song !

Failure to Fracture, a tale of one man’s 22-year epic journey to conquer the impossible. Anthony Garone set out to master the guitar parts of King Crimson’s Fracture. An 11-minute instrumental piece that even Robert Fripp himself deemed unplayable. But, undeterred by such petty obstacles, 16-year-old Garone persisted.

For six or more hours every day, he practiced, and even went so far as to retrain himself on the instrument.

Can you imagine playing a single open string for two hours a day across several weeks ? Well, Garone did !

Finally, in 2016, after what can only be described as a Herculean effort, he was able to play small pieces of the song. He documented his progress on his YouTube channel, proving that with enough determination and practice, the impossible remains impossible. Maybe I didn’t get that part right.

Robert Fripp commented the epic journey, saying that “Actually, he’s done a pretty good job. Anthony’s failure is so well-achieved in my book, it’s a success.”

Failure to Fracture is available here, but be warned, it may not be suitable for those with a short attention span or a life.

Just a heads up, the link above is an affiliate link. So, if you decide to buy through this link, not only will you support the author, but we’ll also get a tiny slice of the pie, which we’ll use to further our quest of world domination !

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