We’ve stumbled upon a true legend of the wild world of DIY guitars—a guitar that’s more foot than fretboard, more toe than tonewood. Carved from what was once a humble (probably cheap) Stratocaster-like with an ash body, this DIY creation takes us on a journey into the realm of the absurdly awesome.

Meet the Bigfoot guitar, and it’s as mythical and mysterious as its namesake.

Disclaimer: The link is an Ebay affiliate link. This means that if you buy this toe-tally awesome guitar, we get a cut—no not a toenails cut, leave our toenails alone will ya? Click at your own risk as you may expect an increase in Bigfoot conspiracy theories among your fans.

The attention to detail is staggering—every curve, every toenail, meticulously crafted to resemble a giant, hairy foot. Speaking of toenails, have you noticed how the big toe nail looks a bit damaged? Clearly, this guitar has seen its fair share of rocking and stomping to the beat.

But let’s talk practicalities. The strap knob is right in the second toe. Imagine the howl this guitar would emit if it could feel pain. Maybe it does feel the pain? It’s almost as if the guitar itself would belt out the blues, singing, “Oh, the agony of rock ‘n’ roll!”

So, who is this guitar suited for? Chickenfoot Joe Satriani or Ron Bumblefoot Thal, perhaps? Or maybe it’s perfect for the enigmatic player who loves to stand out and embrace the bizarre.

Picture this: If Bigfoot were a guitar player, this would be his axe of choice. Can you imagine him strumming away in the forests, serenading other cryptids with soulful riffs?

Would Bigfoot play the blues? Maybe. Or perhaps he’d surprise us with some progressive rock, each toe a different note in a complex musical scale. The possibilities are as endless as the myths surrounding the legendary creature himself.

The Bigfoot guitar is more than just an instrument; it isn’t just for playing; it’s for leaving a footprint in the world of guitar. So, if you ever find yourself on eBay, keep an eye out for this beastly beauty. And remember, in the words of the great Bigfoot guitarist: “Let your toes do the talking!”

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