It’s the story of a 1960 Gibson Les Paul that spent decades in a closet before resurfacing in 2022. That good old miraculous guitar tale? Nope! That guitar dubbed “Dirty Burst” suffered really bad in that closet. It was unplayable. Yet, it’s worth a little fortune. And guess who bought it?

Joe Bonamassa, obviously!

Picture this: A forgotten relic from the 60s, tucked away in a dusty closet, yearning to be plucked and played. But this is not your typical vintage Les Paul discovery. Oh no, this tale is the kind of tale that’ll leave you gasping for breath—because in the guitar world, even the most tragic fails can end up worth a small fortune.

Meet the “Dirty Burst,” a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, now the stuff of legends and the star of a real-life guitar soap opera. Owned by an anonymous UK resident who inherited it from her father, this Les Paul was about to be insured for £5,000, which ain’t chump change. But little did she know, her humble treasure was destined for greatness…

Enter Mike Long, the guitar whisperer at ATB Guitars, who told the full story of the Dirty Burst on Youtube. When the “Dirty Burst” showed up on his radar, back in 2022, it looked like just another dusty old Les Paul, maybe a copy from the 70s. But as he cracked open the case and beheld the filthiest guitar in history, he knew something special was in his hands.

Upon closer inspection, Mike confirmed what every guitar enthusiast dreams of—a genuine 1960 Les Paul Burst! But, oh, the horror! It had suffered at the hands of previous owners:

  • A Bigsby tailpiece added
  • Bridge posts snapped off
  • The PAF pickups tinkered with

Clearly, this baby had seen better days.

Mike had to break the news—the good, the bad, and the hilarious—to the owner: The guitar is a diamond in the rough. It’s worth about £175,000!

The lady’s reaction must have been priceless—like winning the guitar lottery. You could practically hear the sound of her jaw hitting the floor, and a stunned “Wow” was all she could muster.

Then came the twist in the tale—the guitar found its way into the hands of none other than Joe Bonamassa. Burst aficionado and guitar collector extraordinaire, Joe snatched up this uncirculated beauty, envisioning a future where the Dirty Burst’s fortunes would rise once more, hitting the road and the stages.

And so, the curtain rises on this unforgettable guitar fail turned fairytale. The Dirty Burst may have lived a rough life, hiding in that closet, gathering grime like a desert traveler, but now it has found its true calling. A little love, a bit of magic, and expert hands will restore this Les Paul to its glory days!

And Joe Bonamassa will wield it on the grandest stages.

Ain’t that a guitarist’s dream? A guitar emerging from a closet, battered and bruised, only to find fame and fortune in the hands of a guitar legend? The guitar world is a wacky place, and the “Dirty Burst” is living proof that even in the strangest of circumstances, magic can happen.

So let this be a lesson to all you guitar enthusiasts out there—don’t underestimate the potential of that dusty old guitar in your basement or closet. It might just be your ticket to guitar greatness, and hey, who knows? Maybe Joe Bonamassa will come knocking on your door next!

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