We’ve all been there ! Playing guitar is a lot of fun but every beginner ever has to pass the fingertip pain stage of learning to play. It’s painful and frustrating, we know ! If you really can’t stand this pain, get ready to look a little ridiculous then… Thanks to these finger protectors !


Or maybe just don’t use such things ! Don’t worry ! Grab your guitar and play it. Play, play, play, and then… Play again ! Your fingertips will build the famous guitar calluses . It’s part of learning to play the guitar.

We made our case but if you still want to try these because you don’t want to risk actually damaging your fingers from all the shredding, you might as well use our guitar finger tips protectors link. Yes it’s an affiliate link. If you click and buy something, I’ll get a commission. Think of it as a tip for entertaining you with all the guitar fail nonsense that brought you here.

Guitar Fail
Guitar Fail

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