And Here Is The Olive !

Now the Pizza Guitar is complete ! This olive on a toothpick guitar actually is a custom 2-string bass guitar. The owner of this weird bass is Stig Pedersen from Danish band D-A-D. Stig Pedersen owns a lot of weird shaped basses. Don't be surprised to see more of him...

Yummy Full Breakfast Guitar

Why settle for just playing breakfast songs when you can have breakfast on your guitar? Imagine a world where every guitar comes with a side of bacon and eggs. Yummy ! I bet this one smells delicious. Too bad you can't cook with it. One thing though, do you have to...

Now We Know What Really Happened to the Terminator !

Once Sarah Connor blew his robot head off, they made a guitar out of it !

Phoenix Guitar

This Charvel Phoenix was designed, built, and painted by Jim O'Connor in 1985 ! We burn it, and it keeps coming back to life by arising from the ashes ! Source

Swing That Riff With a Tennis Racket Guitar

Do you remember when you were a kid pretending to play guitar with a tennis racket ? I know you did because I did it too ! Well now you can do that with an actual tennis racket guitar from Swinger Guitars... Not sure I want one but it sure looks funny !

A-ha Guitar… Ahahahaha ! This Guitar is a Joke, Right?

What's the deal with a a-ha shaped guitar? I mean, is it just me or is this just a ridiculous thing to make a guitar look like? What's next, a Schwarzenegger shaped barbell ?

Steampunk as Hell

I have nothing against steampunk guitars though this one seems a bit overloaded to be easy to play ! It probably has a purely decorative role though. via quora Enregistrer

This is not Donald “Duck” Dunn’s Signature Bass Guitar

Quack, quack, quack! You ain't never seen a bass like this before. Someone probably tried to channel the spirit of the legendary Donald "Duck" Dunn himself through this duck shaped bass. Just in case Donald Duck Dunn name doesn't ring a bell, here is a reminder :...

Sweet Leaf : The Ultimate Stoner Guitar ?

We definitely would like to see a guitar battle between Tommy Chong's Sweet Leaf guitar and Mike Edison's ChroniCaster bong guitar. That would be smooookin !

Who Wants To Play the Panjo ?

If it doesn't sound great, you can still fry some eggs and bacon in this frying pan banjo.

Is it a Stratocaster from Outer Space ?

Is it some weird spaceship ? Is it a Stratocaster from outer space ? It looks like a Stratocaster went on a UFO ride and came back with some extra-terrestrial flair. The aliens must have been rockin' out to some Jimi Hendrix before they landed on Earth. No matter...

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What Doorbell ? What we Need is More Cowbell !

Honestly, the world needs more cowbell, and less doorbell. But hey, that's just me ! Too bad Boss themselves didn't came out with this DB-2 Doorbell thing. After all, they've made a Boss pedal mouse in the past. But as of now, it looks like Gear Ant and Acorn...

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Beauty in Imperfection ?

Who needs precision when you have a guitar that's close enough? Looks like the guitar maker ran out of supplies and just said 'Meh ! That's good enough!' The transparent pickguard that showcases the inner workings of the guitar is a good idea. At least, you can see...

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An Ode to Creativity or Fertility ?

I heard that this guitar is really fertile. It's got plenty of seeds for making sweet music. I guess the giant sperm on the guitar represent the creative juices flowing into it. Or maybe it's just a reminder of where good ideas go to die. But, you know what they say :...

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How to Make a Bacon Guitar ? A Youtube Tutorial

It first started with this picture of a bacon guitar. Then we wanted to know more... Especially if it was a photoshop reject! And it turned out that a dude did make an actual bacon finish on a classical guitar! Here is the video tutorial on how to make your own bacon...


Help us Identify this Guitar Pickup

The OCB Premium guitar pickup, for that authentic "rockstar who doesn't give a damn" sound. Source


Weird String Mounting

I Heart Guitar posted this on his Facebook page saying that he has "never seen this done before: a guitar arrived for review with a broken string that was tied back together. I don't know how they did it, I'm just... in awe." I don't know either how they did it, and...


Pedalboard From Hell

Imagine how this pedalboard from hell would sound ! Probably something like this... Imagine a symphony of screeching metal, with the cries of a thousand tortured souls as the background music. That's the most probable sound of a pedalboard with seven Boss Metal Zone...


The Most Expensive Capo Ever… But Why ?

Finally, a capo that matches my diamond-encrusted guitar strap. Now I can finally achieve my dream of becoming a human disco ball. You have to love bling a lot to want one of these G7th crystal inlaid capos. Each one will be hand crafted, and will retail for $599 !...


OMG! The Guitarma Sutra!

The guys at Guitar Squid are awesome ! Can't wait to see Vol. 2 of the Guitarma Sutra !



A Stratocaster made by IKEA sounds like a terrible idea ! You'd think that you bought an instrument to make sweet music to amaze an audience, and you'd end up with your guests wondering how you ever managed to put it together. Submitted by Paolo on our Facebook...


Practical Guitar Gigbag ?

There are more practical gigbags than a car trunk but I can't help but think that this is a cool trunk... gigbag... trunk... can't decide !


Vibrato is the ketchup of music

Vibrato on every note is like putting ketchup all over the musicAmsterdam Masterclasses I guess that means bends on every note would be like putting mayonnaise all over the music, right ?


Air Guitar Doesn’t Mean Inflatable Guitar… Let’s Not Talk About the Doll !

I can't decide if it's more weird or creepy. But the more disturbing thing is... who buys that, anyway ?


So Much Pain in One Picture !!

From Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong Instagram feed... "broken bits from the past 20 years"...


Let the Guitar Do the Talking… But Tune it First !!

The talk is very interesting, and informative but tuning the guitar would be much better !


This is NOT a Guitar !

Ok ! The simple fact that a quadriplegic man can move his fingers to use a video game controller is awesome news ! But still... This is NOT a guitar, dammit !

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Kirk Hammett’s Awkward Comment is… Very Awkward !

So, on the topic of KHDK guitar pedals he co-founded, Kirk thinks that "it's the first time you'll see a pedal company actually being driven by an actual guitar player." That comment is so awkward unless an "actual guitar player" can only be one who plays in a very...

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