Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Guitar

Don't you think a Route 69 guitar would be more ergonomic and enjoyable ?

Not Your Typical Acoustic Guitar

I love Gretsch guitars but this G5034TFT Rancher dreadnought with a Bigsby vibrato, and a Fideli'Tron™ pickup is a bit too much... Yet, I wish I could give it a try. Obviously !

The Alpaca “Go-Anywhere Adventure” Guitar

Yeah, it can go anywhere as long as it is far away from me ! via update : It appears that Alpaca Guitars experienced some difficulties with supplying their initial kickstarter investors with their promised Alpaca guitars. As a result, they are no longer producing or...

The Old Crapper Bedpan Guitar

The Old Crapper's axe really makes a statement, right? Sound like crap, and never be sorry anymore ! Old Crapper Bedpan Guitar - Source

Dragon Guitar

Well, here is another proof that Dragons & Guitars don’t imx well, but still there is always someone to try ! I get it you want to practice your dragon scales to fire up your guitar playing ! I hate to break the news to you but dragon scales are too rough for your...

Space Invaders Guitar

I don't know which one is the weirdest : the guitar or the guitar player ? Here is a pic of the guitar itself made by French luthiers Jacobacci brothers. For some reason it really reminds me of Space Invaders characters!!

You Can’t Turn an Ibanez Iceman into a Gretsch SilverJet

You can try tough. That's not the first time I see an Ibanez Iceman with a Bigsby trem but I can't get used to it. As for the Filtertron, I'm curious to hear that. Why not, after all. Source

Spooky : Guitar Infested by Maggots!

Looks like this guitar has been playing the "Crawling (in my skin)" riff a little too hard. In any case, it is ready to rock the maggot-core scene.

Suit of Armor

This one came from the Darwin Awards thread at the Ibanez Collectors site. Words fail.

Now That’s a Pointy Guitar !

It looks like a rather devilish photoshop guitar but if it is real or was to be made, I' wish'd like to see it in action. Not front row, from a safe distance, and I'd enjoy watching the massacre.

What Doorbell ? What we Need is More Cowbell !

Honestly, the world needs more cowbell, and less doorbell. But hey, that's just me ! Too bad Boss themselves didn't came out with this DB-2 Doorbell thing. After all, they've made a Boss pedal mouse in the past. But as of now, it looks like Gear Ant and Acorn...

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Beauty in Imperfection ?

Who needs precision when you have a guitar that's close enough? Looks like the guitar maker ran out of supplies and just said 'Meh ! That's good enough!' The transparent pickguard that showcases the inner workings of the guitar is a good idea. At least, you can see...

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An Ode to Creativity or Fertility ?

I heard that this guitar is really fertile. It's got plenty of seeds for making sweet music. I guess the giant sperm on the guitar represent the creative juices flowing into it. Or maybe it's just a reminder of where good ideas go to die. But, you know what they say :...

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Humbuckers Madness

6 guitars and 24 humbuckers, I'm pretty sure you'll never run out of sound options with that much firepower. I bet if you played all 6 at once, it would create a sonic boom that could bring down buildings. That must be one loud family - Source

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This is One Nice Guitar Family !

I have to admit... Though I'm often laughing at their creations, I secretly admire the guitar DIYers for their commitment. Anyway, let's play a guessing game. From left to right : If a Stratocaster had sex with a Les Paul Junior, that's how their child would look like...


“Here’s Johnny” Fake Neck Pickup

Introducing the new "Here's Johnny" pickups line, guaranteed to make you feel like you're losing your mind. Posted on Guitar Fail Facebook Page.


Too Lazy to Change the Guitar Strings? Extend Them!

Now that's a fix that could save your life if you break two strings during a concert. You know, that gig you went to without any spare set of guitar strings but you happened to have some green plastic coated garden wire in your guitar case. Yup, that one gig!


New Boss Pedals : The Chuck Chorus & The Boost Willis !

I want them for my deadly pedalboard project ! Love the Chuck and Bruce control knobs. I guess that once you engage both the Chuck Chorus and the Boost Willis, your Die-Hard guitar tone will roundhouse kick through the mix!


Who Needs GhostGuitar Augmented Air Guitar for iPhone ?

St Jobs*... Please don't let them do that!! The app uses the front-facing camera of the iPhone or iPad 2 to track your hands moving on your air guitar (i.e. your hands moving in the air). But you no longer have to imagine the sounds you're pumping out of your air...


The World’s Largest Fully Playable Multi-Necked Guitar

The Rock Ock has 8 necks, and is fully playable. Well, playable doesn't make it listenable, right?


Best Road Sign Ever : Crocodile Rocks a BC Rich Guitar!

So apparently, In the southern US, crocodiles play BC Rich guitars! Source


Guitar Doorbell

GuitDoorbell is best doorbell ever ! You know how regular doorbells are boring or even annoying sometimes. Well, not anymore. The best part is that you can tune this mini guitar as you want. It can even be removed from the door to play it as a normal guitar. Source


Nothing is More Beautiful Than a Guitar…

"Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, except, possibly two."Frederic Chopin Well, Chopin probably never said this but this so damn true anyway !


Not the Best Way to do Bar Chords

You just need one finger to bring attitude to your chords ! I'm not sure if this is and ad for guitar lessons, rock 'n' roll lessons or attitude lessons. Either way, I'm intrigued.


So Much Pain in One Picture !!

From Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong Instagram feed... "broken bits from the past 20 years"...


Miserable Freak Guitarist

And, BOOM ! At the 0:08 mark, the guitar had its revenge !


This is NOT a Guitar !

Ok ! The simple fact that a quadriplegic man can move his fingers to use a video game controller is awesome news ! But still... This is NOT a guitar, dammit !

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Kirk Hammett’s Awkward Comment is… Very Awkward !

So, on the topic of KHDK guitar pedals he co-founded, Kirk thinks that "it's the first time you'll see a pedal company actually being driven by an actual guitar player." That comment is so awkward unless an "actual guitar player" can only be one who plays in a very...

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