Sweet Things

It's like this guitar is trying to emulate the sound of sizzling fries, I wonder how it will sound for real ! Extra crispy crunch ? Anyway, me hungry ! Bolin Frybox Sweet Things guitar made by John Bolin of Bolin Guitars

Suit of Armor

This one came from the Darwin Awards thread at the Ibanez Collectors site. Words fail.

Sweet Leaf : The Ultimate Stoner Guitar ?

We definitely would like to see a guitar battle between Tommy Chong's Sweet Leaf guitar and Mike Edison's ChroniCaster bong guitar. That would be smooookin !

The Alpaca “Go-Anywhere Adventure” Guitar

Yeah, it can go anywhere as long as it is far away from me ! via update : It appears that Alpaca Guitars experienced some difficulties with supplying their initial kickstarter investors with their promised Alpaca guitars. As a result, they are no longer producing or...

I Don’t Want to Know Where is the Jack on This Guitar

In case your guitar solos needed a little touch of silk and lace, look no further... Electric Babes guitars might be for you. Find more of these lingerie guitars at Electric Babes.

Snake Guitar

Impressive skills but carved guitars always make me smile... This custom shop ESP Snake 2 from makes no exception.

Is This Some Sort of Modern Art ?

Go home guitar, you're drunk ! This Stratocaster is probably made for guitarists who like to be different...and confused. Unless it is a very confusing variation for left-handed guitar players. Anyway, it seems a little bit challenging !


Why settle for a boring old Strat guitar shape when you can play a Stratocowster and really stand out in the herd. Pretty sure the Stratocowster is an a-moo-sing guitar to play country moo-sic !

Shonky Graffiti One Guitar

What a weird guitar seen on ebay... That's a confusing one because I want to give props to the builder for building an original guitar but I also want to take a jigsaw and rectify the shape of the body and the headstock !!

A Woman, a Skull, and a Foot Carved on a Guitar

I can see a nipplectomized woman, a skull, a foot shaped headstock... The lower part of the guitar looks like a blade... Again, there is not much information about this guitar but welcome to the magic of ebay anyway !

Kock Centaur Pedal

The Kock pedal: because you can't afford the real Klon Centaur, but you can still pretend you're playing through a piece of gear that's not a cheap clone. Who needs the real thing when you can have a clone, right ? It's not like Rule 34 applies to guitar pedals....

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Is it a Stratocaster from Outer Space ?

Is it some weird spaceship ? Is it a Stratocaster from outer space ? It looks like a Stratocaster went on a UFO ride and came back with some extra-terrestrial flair. The aliens must have been rockin' out to some Jimi Hendrix before they landed on Earth. No matter...

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What Doorbell ? What we Need is More Cowbell !

Honestly, the world needs more cowbell, and less doorbell. But hey, that's just me ! Too bad Boss themselves didn't came out with this DB-2 Doorbell thing. After all, they've made a Boss pedal mouse in the past. But as of now, it looks like Gear Ant and Acorn...

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Beauty in Imperfection ?

Who needs precision when you have a guitar that's close enough? Looks like the guitar maker ran out of supplies and just said 'Meh ! That's good enough!' The transparent pickguard that showcases the inner workings of the guitar is a good idea. At least, you can see...

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Butchered Les Paul Guitar

This guitar is - or is it still ? - a Gibson les Paul. For some strange reason, someone decided to properly butcher it. Well, at least the resulting body is still somehow acceptable. It's close enough to a double-cut Les Paul body shape. As for the headstock, we are...


That Neck Pickup Must Sound Saucy !

I heard the Fancy Ketchup pickups give your guitar a taste of the high life... literally. I mean, who wouldn't want their solos to taste like a fancy steak dinner from a fancy French restaurant ? Just don't get it confused with the McDonald's Ketchup pickups. Brice...


Too Lazy to Change the Guitar Strings? Extend Them!

Now that's a fix that could save your life if you break two strings during a concert. You know, that gig you went to without any spare set of guitar strings but you happened to have some green plastic coated garden wire in your guitar case. Yup, that one gig!


Connecting Humans ?

Finally, a pedal that truly captures the essence of being in a band: being physically connected to your bandmates ! One thing we'd like to know ! Where should it go ? At the beginning or the end of the chain ? For those who think their pedalboard is missing a touch of...


How to Amplify an Unplugged Electric Guitar ?

You thought that the easiest way to amplify an electric guitar was using an amp ? Wrong ! You can use the Delsonix clip-on guitar speaker to amplify your unplugged electric guitar ! We don't know why the hell you would do this but now you know how to make your guitar...


Because One G-String is Not Good Enough

Because one G-string wasn't good enough, they put one on the back of this wild Flying Butt guitar ! Now this Flying V is ready to take off...and leave its pants behind. Anyway, the Flying Butt V could be perfect for guitarists who want to rock out and moon the crowd...


Warning : Do Not Stick This Amp In Your Mouth

You know... Because of choking hazard ! This warning label can be found inside the Blackheart Killer Ant head ! Though, it must be admitted that the Killer Ant amplifier could fit in a very big mouth, why would someone stick it in their mouth ? That's the real...


Practical Guitar Gigbag ?

There are more practical gigbags than a car trunk but I can't help but think that this is a cool trunk... gigbag... trunk... can't decide !


Yamaha Acquires Line 6…

Yamaha acquires Line 6... Motorcycles will never sound the same !Guitar Fail


So Dave Moustaine Has a Zom Moulti-Effect !

Spotted by our friend Ted GMG... Thanks for this hilarious typo ! In case you want to see that it's for real check the page at KeyMusic here... Well until they correct it !


And Now… Eat the Other Half !

Here is the true story of a Gibson Les Paul guitar that had an accident with a concrete floor. Its unfortunate owner was working on it, putting in new pickups, when it fell off the bench due to a hoodie pocket getting caught on the headstock. The poor Les Paul cracked...


Guitarists VS. Drumkits

Two epic battles occur when guitarists meet drum kits in these live face offs.


This is NOT a Guitar !

Ok ! The simple fact that a quadriplegic man can move his fingers to use a video game controller is awesome news ! But still... This is NOT a guitar, dammit !

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Kirk Hammett’s Awkward Comment is… Very Awkward !

So, on the topic of KHDK guitar pedals he co-founded, Kirk thinks that "it's the first time you'll see a pedal company actually being driven by an actual guitar player." That comment is so awkward unless an "actual guitar player" can only be one who plays in a very...

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