Bikini + Guitar Picks = Pickini Swimsuit

Bikini + Guitar Picks = Pickini Swimsuit

Best use of guitar picks ever ! From Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit issue 2007. Model Bar Refaeli in Jamaica, wearing guitar pick bikini by Susan Holmes Swimwear. Photo by Raphael Mazzucco/Sports Illustrated.

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Smoking Riffs With The ChroniCaster Bong Guitar

Writer and editor Mike Edison had a pot-smoking device installed on his guitar. Wouldn't that be the perfect Stoner Rock guitar ? Meet the ChroniCaster. The ChroniCaster is a guitar designed by Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars. Basically, it's a Jaguar-style guitar with...

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The Making of the GATTAR (AK47 Guitar)

You gotta love how the vibrato works on that GATTAR (check at 6'00 in the video) ! I never thought I'd say this but watching the making of this AK47 guitar was actually pretty interesting !

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Wood, Horns and Strings : Meet the Mighty Bull Guitar

Just be prepared for a workout if you plan on rocking out all night long. But hey, you’ll have arms like Schwarzenegger in no time.

They Say Guitar Has a Feminine Body Shape…

Kozm guitars took it way too literally !! This guitar not only has a feminine body shape but it also has nipples, and a clit !! This guitar by Jeff Kosmoski aka Kozm Guitars is the SB-3. This is the first design he came up with using 3D CAD solid-modeling programs....

The Alpaca “Go-Anywhere Adventure” Guitar

Yeah, it can go anywhere as long as it is far away from me ! via update : It appears that Alpaca Guitars experienced some difficulties with supplying their initial kickstarter investors with their promised Alpaca guitars. As a result, they are no longer producing or...

Les Skulls Guitar

As you may know, we love carved guitars at Guitar Fail. They never cease to amaze ! Our chuckles are always up to the amazing craftmanship involved in their making ! This one is some scary Les Paul guitar ! Even the knobs, the switch and the pickups rings are...

The Weirdest Strat Ever ?

Apparently made by the firm Grassroots by ESP

Where’s That Damn Volume Knob ?

A map and a user's manual are required to use that bass ! The bass is clearly an Alembic bass. Alembic made some basses with a sick number of control knobs and switches. Yet, it is unclear it this bass is a real bass - a Pinterest user says it is a Mark King 5 Omega...

What If Honda Made Guitars ?

They would probably look like this ! The builder of this insane guitar had parts lying around in the garage that he put together : Telecaster-style hardware Red pearloid Stratocaster neck pickup Honda GX160 fan shroud, carb, coil and fuel tank Choke lever serves as...

Unicorn Guitar

One more string and we would call it the the uniKorn guitar ! The only thing missing is a touch of sparkles and rainbows for it to scream "serious metal guitar player" ! source This unicorn guitar is the creation of Screaming Leaming Unlimited that offers air brush...

Baked Potato Guitar

You never know ! With all these baked maple fretboards and stuff maybe we'll see more of this kind of guitars in the future ! Baked Potato guitar - Source Musical Harvest Guitars was founded in 1993 by Doug Ranno to combine his passion for music, guitars, and the...

Aurora Project Makes Frets and Pickguards Glow !

"The Aurora Project offers fret light markers as well as pick guard lights." (via D'Addario Strings Facebook Page)There is no feeling like the feeling of playing a guitar glowing like a christmas tree... Except maybe playing a guitar glowing like UFO in the sky !!  ...


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DIY 7-Strings Guitar Fail

DIY 7-Strings Guitar Fail

Let's put the absolute weirdness of the headstock aside ! What's the point of 7-string guitar with a set of pickups made for a 6-string guitar ? Let's not...

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