Once upon a time, in a world of standard guitar shapes, one audacious axe emerged that was quite a handful—literally. First things first, let’s lend a hand to De Gennaro Guitars’ craftsmanship here. The hand guitar waved at the crowd at NAMM 2005, and they probably waved back, puzzled, intrigued, and slightly unnerved.

You thought tapping on the fretboard was cool? This guitar has tapping in its veins—or should we say, its fingers. The dual-fist body might just be the most rock ‘n’ roll thing to happen since guitar smashing, except this one smashes back.

And talk about ‘handy’ features: with an open-handed headstock, it’s almost like it’s reaching out to greet you, or perhaps it’s trying to catch the pick you just dropped… again. Or maybe it’s just to give you a high-five after a sweet lick. This guitar’s so advanced in manual expressions, it could probably sign autographs by itself.

Jokes aside, strumming this guitar must feel like a round of applause. It’s the only guitar that can pat you on the back after a killer solo. And let’s not forget those mother-of-pearl inlays—because if your guitar has hands, they better be manicured.

What do you call a guitar that’s all hands? A fretboard’s dream? A roadie’s nightmare?

So, let’s give a big hand to the guitar that’s handier than your toolbox and more gripping than a thriller novel! Keep on playing, and may your music always be at your fingertips.

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