Best Slash Cosplay Ever !

Best Slash Cosplay Ever !

And the award for best dressed couple at a party goes to... drumroll please... the man dressed as Slash and the woman dressed as a Marshall amplifier ! This couple cosplay is spot on. They're hitting all the right notes.

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Is This The Best POD Camouflage Ever ?

Is This The Best POD Camouflage Ever ?

We've all been there, being ashamed of our newbie's gear. The Line 6 Pod does the job but it ain't the most desirable piece of gear that you want to show ! So here is a solution : hide it in a classy Fender amp stack. Nobody will make the difference anyway !

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Mixing Two Awesome Guitar Designs

More often than not, it doesn't give the best results ! This one is not that bad but it looks sort of clumsy.

Chua Churam Pink Bat Guitar

I guess it is just unplayable. That's why you never build a guitar after a manga or whatever this Chu x Chu Idol is !

End of the Road Guitar !

This guitar is designed to look smashed but it works... At least according to the seller on Ebay The End of the Road extreme relic is the work of Devils & Sons luthier Daniel Devilson. These guitars are made from new components. Despite their extreme road worn and...

7 Animal-Inspired Guitars That Will Leave You Howling with Laughter

A safari through they untamed world of animal-shaped guitars. You never know what kind of beast you might find lurking in the depths of the guitar jungle!

The Old Crapper Bedpan Guitar

The Old Crapper's axe really makes a statement, right? Sound like crap, and never be sorry anymore ! Old Crapper Bedpan Guitar - Source

That V Couldn’t Fly…

... So they've added an angel to carry it ? In case you were wondering, this is an ESP Angel Classic V ! Of course it is an ESP ! It was made by the ESP custom shop for guitarist Toshihiko Takamizawa (The Alfee). The guitar has a quilted maple top and an alder back....

Gibson SG or T Bone Steak ?

For some reason, this piece-of-art makes me think of a T-bone steak ! Pretty sure that some carnivorous shredders would find a way to make it the ultimate tool for musical meatiness. Source : Gibson Italy Facebook page

Enough Strings is Enough !!

24-string bass guitar madness... Meet Godzilla aka Prat Basses Godzilla C3-WTF-24 24-string Bass ! In 2014, Chris Cardone, owner of Kalium strings, asked for help in building the largest bass guitar possible. The luthiers at Prat Basses took on the challenge. Together...

Dog Guitar

Looks like Lucy the Dog-tar has found the ultimate stage position, hanging from the headstock by the neck. I guess this is one way to make sure your guitar stays in tune. Pretty sure that it was supposed to be cute but I can't help but see a hanging dog there ! It's...

Sweet Leaf : The Ultimate Stoner Guitar ?

We definitely would like to see a guitar battle between Tommy Chong's Sweet Leaf guitar and Mike Edison's ChroniCaster bong guitar. That would be smooookin !


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DIY 7-Strings Guitar Fail

DIY 7-Strings Guitar Fail

Let's put the absolute weirdness of the headstock aside ! What's the point of 7-string guitar with a set of pickups made for a 6-string guitar ? Let's not...

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